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  • The Latest Flash 0-day is no Joke

    by Tim Murtaugh · · 7 Comments

    The latest Flash exploit is so bad you shouldn't even read this post, just go patch it now. I'm not kidding.

  • Designing for Non-Native Speakers

    by Senongo Akpem · · 9 Comments

    Half of all web pages are in English, but only about 28 percent of people using the internet speak English as a first language. Fortunately, designing for non-native English speakers doesn't have to come with a huge price tag. Senongo Akpem shares three straightforward strategies for making your sites and apps more usable for non-native speakers.

  • Feedback Phases and Personas

    by Anthony Colangelo · · 2 Comments

    You want feedback in the early stages of any project, but how can you make sure you're getting the most out of it? Anthony Colangelo recommends a five-stage feedback process to gather input from unique feedback personas every step of the way.

  • On Our Radar: Precious Humans

    by ALA Staff ·

    There are plenty of links and a minimum of one (1) gif awaiting you, as always, in this week's On Our Radar. But first, we want to talk about someone who has inspired all of us: Molly Holzschlag, an influential web standards champion and dear friend.

  • Learning New Tricks

    by Anthony Colangelo · · 1 Comment

    Going back to basics is never easy. Anthony Colangelo reminds us that sometimes the knowledge we've gained and best practices we've learned can work against us. If you're taking on something new, be ready to learn some new tricks.

  • Content Modeling Phases

    by Eileen Webb · · 4 Comments

    Your content model is great, but it's not a magical solution all by itself. Eileen Webb walks us through the phases of content modeling that will help your content projects succeed.

  • On Our Radar: We Need To Talk

    by ALA Staff ·

    Time for another roundup: this week the A List Apart staff is tuned in to topics like project management, healthcare design, advice on hiring juniors, and more. There's plenty to read that's shiny and chrome.

  • Coming June 16: Pattern Language

    by Ethan Marcotte ·

    Style guides can help streamline workflows for a multi-device web. Join us for our third ALA: On Air event on June 16, when Nathan Curtis, Daniel Ferro, Cyd Harrell, and Sophie Shepherd will discuss how we can best incorporate pattern-driven design into our work.

  • Picturefill Me In

    by Jeff Lembeck · · 3 Comments

    What's new with responsive images? There's an important improvement in the latest version of Picturefill. Jeff Lembeck has all the details on why you should upgrade right away.

  • We (Still) Have Work to Do

    by Sara Wachter-Boettcher · · 23 Comments

    One year ago today, we wrote “we have work to do,” and we said we were making the web industry’s diversity problem our problem. We’re far from fixing everything at ALA, but from our editing processes to our recruitment to our messaging, we’ve been pushing ourselves to prioritize inclusivity. Editor-in-chief Sara Wachter-Boettcher discusses what we’ve been working on, where we can do better, and why it’s important to share our challenges.

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