Art Direction and Design

by Dan Mall

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  1. Enjoyable read but much of what your saying really boils down to the idea.

    Many design tasks overlap Art Directing and vice versa. From font and imagery choice to color.

    Although I agree with much of the article, the way you separat tasks according to role, it sort of paints the picture that the designer handles the production while the Art Director decides what mood a particular image should create, which isn’t really the case.

    I think the bottom line is without an over arching idea or vision, the design will fall flat.

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  2. Art Director – an experienced web designer, competent manager, the art director should be developed spatial imagination, the ability to inventing. Ability to communicate with people is important: to defend the point of view, to carry on dialogue or presentation. The art director defines drawing and maintenance stylistics, a web design direction, supervises work of web designers, decides on giving design options to clients.
    Sometimes there is a so-called senior designer – in fact, its art director, who himself creates a web design, and oversees activities of several designers.

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  3. It’s really fine perspective about both. we like it and thanks for sharing with us.

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