Being Human is Good Business

by Kristin Smaby

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  1. This is a great article, and is valuable for business owners and consultants alike.  Being in both forward and internal facing roles in my company, I typically compare the client approach to the team member approach.  This entire article could be read from the perspective of a leader considering how he/she interacts with their team.  Being human with our team members promotes good business and, most importantly, creates a working environment that people want to be a part of.

    Thanks again for this article, it’s incredibly insightful.

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  2. I have been in the customer support industry for some time and I just wanted to add that the mentioned personalized customer support requires a range of skills that are not freely available on the labor market. People with advanced peoples skill and with a sense for the big picture will usually find more rewarding jobs. If you want to blame it on the system put in place by the organizations, bare in mind that the performance of each agent needs to be monitored, and monitoring puts numbers on people. This automatically leads to issues raised by your article.

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  3. I hate it when you have to deal with these companies that quite clearly dont care about customer relations because they show no sign of “being human”, in other words all you get is automated replies on the phone and by email, how on earth do such companies manage to keep getting more clients when they cant even take the time to talk to the ones they already have?

    I think showing your customers you care by taking the time to talk to them, be that by email or phone, is a very important part of business!

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