When You Are Your Own Client, Who Are You Going To Make Fun Of At The Bar?

by Jim Coudal

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  1. “We as creatives shouldn’t need to justify what we charge…”

    I’m a little put off by this statement.  If you can’t (or worse yet, won’t) justify what you charge, how do you expect your clients to justify paying you?  In every business, no matter what you do, if you can’t justify the cost to your customers then you might as well start filing for Title 11.

    Hope I haven’t taken this comment too far out of context, as I agree with the rest of the statement.

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  2. Not only, as Jason says, do you need to justify what you charge, but how about the product as well. I know people who sell things that they don’t beleive in.  This is not a good idea!The customer will pick up on this faster than you think.

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