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by Jeremy Keith

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  1. Okay, I’m gonna give this one more (final) go. This seems to be working for everybody except me, so obviously something I’m doing is flawed. That said, I’m at a total and utter loss at trying to figure it out—I’m stumped.

    I just looked over the Germ Gallery that Jon showed us. (By the way, it’s very nice. I like it, lots.)  :)  Anyhow, I went through the js.js script you ran on that, Jon, and it is functionally identical to what I am using on this preschool’s gallery test page (at ) and yet, the browser will always end up following the links.

    What is different? What is wrong in my gallery that’s causing this? Anyway…I don’t mean to be a pest, (advance apologies if I am) I just really want to understand what is happening.

    Thanks again.

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  2. I can’t get anywhere with that link. I told you what to do. Get rid of the first if statement and replace it with the DOM API (then, no problem with braces plus it becomes more usable). I can’t help you if you won’t listen to me.

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  3. Firstly, an onmouseover event should be added to the links making the status bar display something like ‘view (title)’ where title is dynamically extracted from the link’s title attribute. This will minimize confusion for visitors in a javascript-capable browser expecting a new page to load.

    Secondly, non-javascript users should be pointed to a server side version of the same page. Those that commented that this should be done solely on the server side miss the idea that this solution saves bandwidth for both you and your visitors.

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  4. This photo gallery provided a quick solution for a simple business’ website. We’re finishing up a complete overhaul of our site and after fighting with complicated javascript (& dreamweaver) that this college student does not understand, this article was the light at the end of the tunnel! Now our “facilities” page will be as cool as the other guy’s ;-)

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  5. I had a look at your preschool image gallery code and also ran into issues. You can check out the gallery that I did at and copy the script code that I use. On that page the second pic has a caption that will appear when clicked.

    I am really not sure why your page breaks with the code that you have, but I can assure you that mne works. Try using my script and see if that helps. I origionally thought it may of been the doctype def that you are using on your page, but my page still properly renders and works with the base html 4.01 trans definition. I’m stumped :)

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  6. Well Dante, you’ve shown some aspect of maturity by at least trying to be helpful towards another poster.  Who would have thought such compassion would be forthcoming from someone who otherwise gives the impression of being a spiteful troll?

    It is unfortunate that you feel it necessary to jump and stick your oar in whenever knowledge is shared and sad that this web of ours allows you to do so with such unhelpful frequency.  You rail against the ‘flashy script-hacking’ that goes on here.  Well, I’m sorry to say it, but a lot of the sites that go on to be created by those who read and learn here are a damn sight more successful and with a far higher aesthetic value – ie: as an added bonus to looking nice, they WORK! – than your own site, which you are evidently quite proud of.

    Could it be then, that this site of which you are so proud is the same one that brings up an alert if you dare visit with Mozilla berating you for your choice of browser and steadfastly refusing to work in the way it was obviously intended?  I congratulate you on your narrow and counter-productive efforts.

    Physician heal thyself.

    PS. I’m sure PPK is thrilled by your evangelical use of his moniker as a means of shoring up your arguments instead of having actual originality of thought.  Do you pay him the licensing fee?

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  7. An interesting bug in, which took me longer to track down than I planned!

    Your script fails when you try to assign some text to

    It’s failing because that node’s a leaf: it doesn’t have any child nodes. The quick’n’dirty fix would be to change ‘’ to ‘some placeholder text’. Then it would have a text node as its first (and only) child.

    As an alternative (or in addition) you could add a little sanity-checking and recovery to the script itself. I am
    not a DOM scripting wizard. But something like the following should work.

    function showPic( theAnchor ) {
    // Assigns the value of theAnchor.href to document.getElementById( ‘placeholder’ ).src
    // And sets the text of document.getElementById( ‘desc’ ) theAnchor’s title or to its text content

    // Returns false on success, true on failure ;)
    // Disclaimer: tested hardly at all and only in Safari1.2 if ( document.getElementById && theAnchor.tagName “A” && theAnchor.href && ( theAnchor.title || ( theAnchor.firstChild ) ) ) {
      myImageElement = document.getElementById( ‘placeholder’ )
      if( myImageElement && (myImageElement.tagName “IMG”) ) {
      myCaptionElement = document.getElementById( ‘desc’ )
      // We probably should sanity-check what kind of element we have here.
      // But there are an awful lot of valid possibilities, so
      // it’s an exercise left to the reader

      myCaptionText = theAnchor.title ? theAnchor.title : theAnchor.firstChild.nodeValue
      myImageHref = theAnchor.href

      myImageElement.src = myImageHref
      if ( myCaptionElement.firstChild ) {
      myCaptionElement.firstChild.nodeValue = myCaptionText
      } else {
      if( document.createTextNode ) {
        myCaptionElement.appendChild( document.createTextNode( myCaptionText ) )
      } else {
        // no caption set. But never mind….
      // image loading should have been ok so
      return false

    //failed so
    return true

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  8. I don’t know thy this is so complex.
    if (!document.getElementById)
    var r = false;
    else var r = true;
    At the end:
    return r;
    Why use all that complex if/else code when the above (or adding the DOM API) would’ve done?
    I use a browser detect (very bad desicion, but I needed to). Mozilla and all none-IE browsers totally screw up everything, so I disabled it. It will be fixed in the redesign (if I do it), but for now I punish these browsers. Yes. What a bad designer I am. Can we change the subject?

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  9. I recently agreed to make a web page for my wife. I hade coded a little html in the mid-90’s when things were much simpler (and boring by today’s standards). I figured I’d better come up to speed before starting. Wouldn’t you know, of all the web design books at Border’s, I picked Zeldman’s DWWS. Lucky me.

    Imagine my frustration in trying show a LOT of images (my wife Rebecca is a lampwork glass bead artist) AND use css AND make it compliant AND make it smooth. Dang.

    Anyway, I came up with something that is akin to Mr. Keith’s idea but different. Take the code if you find it useful.

    Thank you Mr. Zeldman and other standards proponents.

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  10. Actually it’s IE that’s screwed up. Of course it represents the majority of browsers out there, so making sure things work on it is a good thing. But being able to code once and distribute to any client is the ideal. If IE were compliant, then we wouldn’t have to come up with so many hacks just to make a site behave as we expect.

    Finally, if your site is any indication, then yes you are a very bad designer. But then you don’t care about that anyway do you Dante?

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  11. Hi, this may be really simple, but I was wondering if it’s possible to either make the image or caption a link?  If so, an example would be greatly appreciated!

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  12. Frankly I don’t care about people calling my design bad anymore. People like you don’t visit my site, anyway. My site was aimed at people looking for info on San Francisco History, which flowed smoothly. Maybe that failed, but I’m fixing it. So go ahead and sue me for trying to help people.

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  13. Ian, just wanted to express my (belated but still very) sincere thanks to you for figuring out what was wrong with my script there.

    Your suggestions worked perfectly, and they taught me a lot of valuable stuff about JavaScript and the DOM. Thanks many bunches.

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  14. I don’t help people. I give maymay a lot of advice, even though I didn’t solve it. And no thank yous.

    Just kidding.

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  15. Awesome script! Just what I’ve been looking for.

    I’ve been trying to figure out where I can add a bookmark tag somewhere on this script, so whenever I click on an image it will display <image.jpg> and also make a call to the bookmark on the page.

    Thanks first.

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  16. I think this is a great little script.  I was just wondering if it would be difficult to make the image that javascript intercepts a link to a larger image.  So,  when I click on the text link it shows the preview, and then when the preview is clicked (the link that javascript intercepts) it opens a larger version of that image in a new window. 


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  17. I applied the techniques in this article to an existing page, and I must have some simple puncuation in the code wrong (even though I cut and pasted most of it)

    Does anyone have a working sample of these gallery using image thumbnails? I may be able to get mine working by looking at someone else’s.

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  18. Is it possibile to link the target image to a larger version of the image?

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  19. Paul: I successfully executed using thumbnails on this site:

    An interesting note about the caption area… I found that if your placeholder text is say two lines long, and you replace it with a caption that’s 3 lines long you may run into issues with some browsers (Safari being one of them, didn’t test beyond that). The issue I ran into was that the third line gets cut off when you click on an image with a 3 line caption. I kinda had to hack to fix it – by forcing my placeholder text to be extra large, adding a few br’s and a non-breaking space.

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  20. Is it possible to format the caption area at all, like adding a in the caption?

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  21. Great article, thanks again ALA. I did find a problem in Safari though. If your images are not exactly the same size they will be stretched, matching the size of the largest image (I tried it with images of same height different widths, but assume the reverse is also true). I did not specify height or width in code (exactly the same as in the article) & it works fine in IE5.5 Win, Win/Mac Firbird/Firefox, and Camino. I did not change the javascript at all, just copy and paste from the article. I am running Panther 10.3.3, Safari 1.2.1.

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  22. This may be a fairly basic problem for those with more experience, but being new to JavaScripting….

    What I would like is to have the caption provided not by the Title element, but instead along the lines of a PHP include?

    I guess pseudo-code for this would look something like this…


    …where I assume myCaption would be a text string passed to a function within the JavaScript that would then display the contents of the file 01.txt.

    Is this sort of thing possible? Either code and/or pointers to resources/examples would be appreciated.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this article. Its been quite helpful.


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  23. Hey Jeremy, thanks for that – very useful – and I even substituted thumnails for the text and it looks neat, but I found a problem….

    You say it works for IE 5+ (PC and Mac), but my version of IE (Mac 5.2.3) opens the larger images like they were a link to another page which means I lose all my lovely page formatting and I’m forced to use the back button.

    Any suggestions why it would do that?

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  24. Love this script and would like to use it. It’s not working for me in Netscape 7.1, and I just went through all the comments here. None of the examples work in NS7.1 (except for Rebecca’s beads – absolutely beautiful, by the way!) Works fine in IE6 and Moz.

    Here’s my attempt:

    Here’s a screenshot. I want it to look like it does in IE:

    Would appreciate some help! Thanks!

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  25. My bad! There was a problem with my NS profile. AOK now. Love the script! Thanks!

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  26. I also love this image gallery. I really need these previous / next buttons though. I thought maybe this can be accomplished using a bit of javascript and using display:none? Or changing the Z-index using javascript? Does anybody know how to do that?

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  27. Please only use the following browsers in your comparisons.

    IE 6.1 (fully patched)
    Opera 7.5b/7.23
    Mozilla 1.7b
    Firefox 0.8
    Safari (1.2)

    In case you didn’t know IE 3,4,5, Netscape 4,4.6,4.08,6 are obsolete so let’s not say i hope it can work in any of them.

    Are we ever going to move forward. I might as well bring out my betamax video machine so i can watch the latest Matrix dvd disc on it, watch me start crying when i can’t insert the disc.

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