The Long Hallway

by Jonathan Follett

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  1. Great article. I run a micro firm acting as a virtual company. I haven’t found it difficoult yet to have clients embrace this innovative way of running a firm.
    They’re just happy when they understand that they’re buying the best they can buy. And they pay just for what they need, not for the overall “structure” that lies behind the project.

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  2. I think that with the advent of instant messenging, conference groups, and webcams, that this is not such a bad idea.  I’ve known someone who made a two hour commute to work one way.  Then you’ve got the price for gas.  This is a great labor and expense saving technology.  People do need people skills to take advantage of it though.


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  3. Nice article. The long hallway can be quite OK for some businesses, can cut costs, and bring many other benefits. On the other hand, even if you have met your coworkers in person before, it is no guarantee that you can create a sustainable long term environment.

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  4. …has demonstrated time and time again that many paradigm shifts have been forged in the heat of crisis…like now (Spring 2008):

    As the crushing costs of energy and resulting related expenses rise, virtual companies, telecommuting to established brick-and mortar businesses and hybrids yet unborn will spring up. Count on it.

    There will be little distinction between creative people and more (no offense meant) mundane types of knowledge/information workers in their remote work style.

    Current questions about virtual management, trust of workers unseen and “should I shave and shower before I web-cam the rest of the team?” are mere details.

    Soon enough terms and phrases like “virtual companies” and “telecommuting” will themselves be relics, as are phrases like “IBM compatible” and “new media” today. The actions and concepts behind the phrases will simply be the way we live and work—routinely.

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  5. This is exactly why I am excited to be starting a business; now more than ever.

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  6. Wow this article holds true even today. In fact these days, it’s so easier to outsource work or form your virtual team and get work online. There are so many Web 2.0 project management and collaboration tools available these days!

    And I completely agree with copy-writing skills. I think even though the broadband speeds have substantially increased in the last few years, and videos have taken over to a great extent, but yet text still remains the main driver of the internet.

    Great article. Brought back a lot of old memories.

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