Managing Werewolves

by Michael Lopp

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  1. I don’t think it’s a problem to draw parallels from anywhere in life. It simply gives others an insight into the way you view bigger pictures.
    I’m glad for metaphors.
    However, I really hope I can get by being a lowly villager. Not lowly in stature, but honest, real and optimistic.
    Ah, who am I kidding. I’m stocking up on silver bullets…

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  2. Sounds like a great way to develop social tools. Knowing how to identify the bad guys, and how to be the bad guy, is a great tool in arming yourself against the people in life who would exploit you. Forget office politics; everywhere in life there are cutthroats who will scalp you for a dime if you let them. From car dealerships to politicians, arming yourself with the ability to know when they’re lying, what they’re lying about, what their motivations and interests are, and making an educated guess at the truth is the key to looking out for number one without being a werewolf yourself.

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  3. What a strange sensation to read the first paragraphs of this article and then find out that it was just a game. It describes a real life work environment I experienced. There was only one werewolf, but the whole environment became tainted and antagonistic because of it. The interesting thing was that the person causing the problem wasn’t officially a manager, but was allowed to wreck havoc the management, who didn’t know how to deal with the problem. In any organization, it’s the job of management to weed out the werewolves before they devour the rest of the staff.

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  4. I never have had heard of this game before.
    Suggest I have to play it once?

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  5. The werewolf game is actually quite popular in Korea, known as “Mafia” where the werewolves are mafia, the seers are cops, and the villagers are citizens, with identical rules (except for the mooing or the brains). Never connected it with the work environment but in hindsight it is giving me valuable feedback on how I react in a crisis. It might not be a good team building exercise though, cause although its good at getting to know each other, you might not see a person the same way ever again ;-)

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