On Creativity

by Andy Rutledge

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  1. Andy-
    I truly feel sorry for you and your strange need to classify and further throw limitations upon yourself or other likeminded “individuals” (I almost said single minded but they are immune from such quackery thankfully)who have the misfortune of coming across your ideas about creativity. There I was snug within the confines of a gentle afternoon when I read your disturbing litany of excesses, sending a shiver through the very air I was breathing, with its vague attempts at shackling everything good and true to the imaginative spirit.Yes Andy, I said spirit, but I’m sure you have a quantitive approach to this subject as well.
    I am just an artist and have not the disposition (thank Zagreus!)necessary to disect the speculative notions and exact dimensions of creativity but partnering it as you have so neatly done within the institution of “Design” fits it to a T! I agree, that as a designer you do have to adhere to certain restrictions but that doesn’t mean you have to sever the arm because the eye is merely watering. Trust your instincts instead!If you poses any.
    Creativity IS like love, something that cannot be measured and more importantly why should it? Classifying every last belief, action, idea etc. only further diminishes the wonder and mystery that make those aspects of our world unique. Your distinction between “Applied creativity” and “idealistic definition” makes as much sense as the separation between sucking and fucking.
    Don’t spoil it for the rest of us, or future impressionable generations, who come across your solipsism and take it for truth. You employ your creativity and I’ll employ mine and in that way we’ll be able to effectively seperate creativity from the designer giving it back to free thinking where it belongs.

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