Simple Content Management

by Chris Ross-Gill

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  1. Having a neat little mechanisim that splits up markup, links and content is nice and nifty – using a proprietary mechanisim is shooting sparows with canons.
    Appropriately applied CSS, JavaScript, and classic HTML with some Frames should do the trick nearly just as well and speed up content provision a great deal. After all, copying and pasting a JavaScript array or a text only .html doc isn’t all that more difficult than designing and using your own ML, no?

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  2. Rebol/Core, an executible which which weighs in at less than 260k total, runs on 42 platforms, provides true 100% portability, resolves the LF/CR problems between platforms, has NNTP, SMTP, POP, HTTP, etc protocols built-in datatypes, money, time, tuples, urls, parsing with alternation, full reflection, is its own metalanguage, is free, natural language, key-word free, well, it is true, you cannot shoot sparrows with it.

    But you can change the nature of computing with it…the platforms have been brought up to the same level.

    I’ve thrown my perl to the swine, I thought Java and JavaScript were cool in the mid 90’s, but they didn’t deliver what I needed for speed, size, and expressiveness, especially for embedded world.

    Can anyone else do CMS in an embedded device or cell phone? Not sure, but haven’t heard of it yet.

    Am I on drugs, you ask? Nah, just Rebol….

    …why wait 20 years for everyone else?

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  3. Hello,

    I know PHP, JSP, ASP, XML, JAVA etc… and I also know Rebol, and what you don’t seem to understand is that this article is from users point of view and not programer’s point of view and sure a user DON’T WANT TO CODE XML or HTML do you forget that ?

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  4. I found this :

    I found the ‘ML dialect difficult to get used to, being so used to my object approach
    which I inherited from C++ programming. Having said that, I am in the process of replacing
    and recoding the ‘ML dialect in my Rebol projects. The learning and recoding curve is
    worth it for improved quality control, and also the method enlists the rebol interpreter
    in the error-checking process.

    As Rebol matures and adds assets, it is my hope that custom dialects become part of
    what this highly efficient scripting language offers to programmers.
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  5. Am I being thick? I have just tried out the REBOL CMS described in the article ‘Simple Content Management’. I assume one has to rename the file from content-management-r.txt to content-management.r. Unfortunately I get the following error message:

    • Access Error: Cannot open /C/My Documents/REBOL CMS experiment/template.html
    • Where: punch-template
    • Near: template: read %template.html
      replace template
      Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? This is very disappointing. The directory \pages is created, though.
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  • The script requires the file ‘template.html’ to be in the same folder. That should sort the problem. Alternatively, change the line in the script that reads:

    template: read %template.html


    template: read

    - Chris

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  • Hi Chris,

    I would like to know, once the system has been set up,
    how other users (who may be around the world) can use it.
    Do they have to download rebol or do they just use the browser?
    Can they post pictures and sounds (files) ?
    My housemate Martin wants a content management system that does this. He has been travelling around, and has some friends all over the place. He wants a unified place where they can share stories, pictures etc.
    Is this what this is for?



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  • This is but a simple desktop-based system, though depending on the size of your pictures, you could probably fit the lot (including REBOL) on a floppy disk.

    For a REBOL-based server-side CMS, look at Vanilla:

    - Chris

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  • The idea of my clients having to learn any kind of syntax (be it simple as it may) doesn’t really convince me;
    technically I find rebol quite compelling though,
    but that’s not the issue..


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