The Inclusion Principle

by Margit Link-Rodrigue

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  1. It’s important to say that accessibility is not only for disabled people. It’s for everyone. Try websites not using your mouse. Imagine it’s broken or out of battery. A lot of sites break completely just because you don’t use the mouse. another example is flash. Not everybody has it. Some places, like companies disable flash. That can break a site completely. These are just two examples. And now tell me that those people don’t matter, they are not in the target group or whatever excuse.

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  2. Thanks to Margit for featuring the site I created for English in Chester in this article.  It’s very interesting to hear other people’s opinions on the site, and I just wanted to make a few comments about the visual design.

    The site was developed about 3 or 4 years ago, and at the time the design was considered much more “cutting edge” than it is now.  I admit that in 2009 it does look quite outdated, and I will soon be redesigning the site to be consistent with English in Chester’s new brand image.  I’m aiming to achieve similar levels of accessibility on the new site.


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