Words that Zing

by Colleen Jones

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  1. This is a good article but with some of the sites I have designed accuracy of information comes first with marketing second. While both are important sometimes it is difficult to produce a webpage that encompasses both.

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  2. When I first read this article, I wasn’t nearly as well-read on the five canons of classical rhetoric. Now having a stronger on core rhetorical principles, I think I’ve a different understanding of the nature of kairos and how it applies to the web.

    Colleen, I understand you to be defining kairos on the web as: how to use words with the right tone in the right context to persuasively appeal to a given audience. However, putting emphasis on kairos being about the right moment, I don’t think you’re discussing kairos in this article, but rather the rhetorical principles of invention (what to say) and style (how to say it).

    Kairos is really about when you communicate a message. So kairos is more concerned with interactions such as those encountered during an e-commerce checkout, a tutorial, subscription process, a search, or while using an online office suite.

    An example of what I mean is when a new user logs into Google Docs for the first time and they are presented with a pop-up box offering an optional tour. That first login is a kairotic moment where Google can educate its new users about how they’ll benefit from using the application.

    Another example would be when a user is buying flowers on FTD.com and during the checkout process is presented the option of adding a gift card or a box of chocolates to their order before submitting their payment information.

    Both of these are examples of kairotic moments in web design and exemplify messaging at the right time, although the principles of invention and style would still apply.

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  3. There is so much garbage out there on the web today. So, it was really refreshing to read your article and be able to nod in agreement all the way through.

    The quality of content and the quality of the writing is critical to the success of any website.

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  4. Great article. It will help a lot in article marketing. I am hoping to improve my SERP implementing these strategies.


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  5. Excellent points. I’ve learnt many things from this articles.

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