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  1. terrific overall point, but so very, very, very out of date. Time to update. If anyone runs across this, I do the same thing, but with Virtual PC 6 on a WindTunnel (those are, uh, /speed holes/). I develop in Safari, immediately test in IE5-mac, also look in Firebird and Mozilla when I get around to it. Then I fire up VPC where I have VMs=three test environments (and a 4th for a VPN to get to the company network). I use Win98 for IE 5.0.not-a-damn-thing and 5.5SP2 (enough differences to matter, in my recent experience), and IE6 on XP. With standards and all the mac browsers I am not gonna be suprised by anything else.

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  2. THis is more of a question than a comment to this thread.

    I am trying to work out why a website that functions perfectly on a PC browser brings up an error problem on my Macintosh browser. I am trying to make a website that has been developed in ASP Mac friendly and everything works until it comes to the ordering mechanism on a page.

    The site is In testing, I select a country fom which the supposed order will come from, from a drop down list. I key in the amount of the product that I require and I get this error: Microsoft JScript runtime error Object expected
    and the website then brings up this: An Error Occurred:
    No Country Information Found. This does not occur on a PC browser.

    Any ideas??

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