A List Apart


Topic: Graphic Design

  • The Declination of Independence

    by Ryan Holsten, Michael Krisher, Brandon Oelling · Issue 102 ·

    Three web designers discuss trendiness and innovation in design, and list 15 sites that made a difference in the year 2000.

  • Experience Design

    by Bob Jacobson · Issue 77 ·

    It’s time for web designers to peek over the cubicle and start sharing ideas with their peers in related design disciplines. Jacobson suggests one way to do that in this overview of the emerging Experience Design paradigm.

  • Time to Close the Web?

    by Alan Herrell · Issue 61 ·

    Focusing on presentation at the expense of content, and invasive money-making schemes at the expense of everything else, designers must take some of the blame for the trashing of the web. Herrell wonders if it’s time to call it a day and close up shop.

  • Why Are You Here?

    by Scott Jason Cohen · Issue 72 ·

    Whether we’re designing experimental sites or keeping an online diary, we go to the web in search of meaning. Will we find it? Or will we build it ourselves?

  • A Design Method

    by Ross Olson · Issue 71 ·

    In a high-powered production environment like the web, a design method can help you get more done faster ... and provide you with rules to break. New ALA writer Ross Olson shares his company’s game plan.

  • Much Ado About 5K

    by Jeffrey Zeldman · Issue 63 ·

    A full-fledged website under 5K? Some of the brightest people in the industry swore it could not be done. Yet hundreds of developers not only came in under the 5K budget, they built great sites in the process. Zeldman explores how the 5K Awards rocked the web.

  • How to be Soopa Famous

    by wk lang · Issue 101 ·

    Become a famous web designer. Or ... just look like one.

  • Usability experts are from Mars, graphic designers are from Venus

    by Curt Cloninger · Issue 74 ·

    Usability mavens like Jakob Nielsen think the web is an ill-used database. Graphic designers like Kioken think it is a fledgling multimedia platform. Could both groups be right? New ALA author Curt Cloninger explains why usability experts are from Mars, graphic designers are from Venus. This one's a hottie.

  • The Creative Process

    by Mattias Konradsson · Issue 8 ·

    Ideas are like policemen — they're never around when you need them. Mattias Konradsson sketches a campaign to seduce the Muse.

  • CSS Design: Custom Underlines

    by Stuart Robertson · Issue 169 ·

    While web designers generally have a great deal of control over how a document should be presented, basic CSS doesn’t provide many options for the style of underlines below the links on a page. But with a few nips and tucks, you can take back creative control of the way your links look. Frequent ALA contributor Stuart Robertson shows how.

  • CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders Part II

    by Søren Madsen · Issue 172 ·

    Part I showed how to create fluid, dynamic CSS layouts with customized borders and corners. Part II advances to the next level, extending the technique to work with more complicated backgrounds such as gradients and patterns.

  • CSS Drop Shadows

    by Sergio Villarreal · Issue 172 ·

    Much used, oft maligned but always popular, drop shadows are a staple of graphic design. Although easy to accomplish with image-editing software, they’re not of much use in the fast-changing world of web design … until now.

  • CSS Drop Shadows II: Fuzzy Shadows

    by Sergio Villarreal · Issue 178 ·

    Picking up where Part I left off, in Part II designer Sergio Villarreal takes his standards-compliant drop-shadow to the next level by producing warm and fuzzy shadows.

  • Separation: The Web Designer’s Dilemma

    by Michael Cohen · Issue 181 ·

    Presentation separated from structure. Structure separated from content. The foot bone connected to the ... what were we talking about? Michael Cohen steps in to examine our assumptions and relieve our separation anxiety.

  • Art Direction and the Web

    by Stephen Hay · Issue 180 ·

    If design lives in the details, art direction’s turf is the Big Idea. Stephen Hay introduces the principles and techniques of the art director, and shows how art directional concepts can shape memorable user experiences.

  • Print It Your Way

    by Derek Featherstone · Issue 182 ·

    Because ALA’s readers are web users as well as designers and developers, we offer this tidbit from Derek Featherstone on creating user stylesheets to print articles to your own specifications.

  • Onion Skinned Drop Shadows

    by Brian Williams · Issue 182 ·

    Animators use onion skinning to render a snapshot of motion across time. Now, web designers can use this technique to create the truly extensible CSS-based drop shadow.

  • Dynamic Text Replacement

    by Stewart Rosenberger · Issue 183 ·

    Let your server do the walking! Whether you’re replacing one headline or a thousand, Stewart Rosenberger’s Dynamic Text Replacement automatically swaps XHTML text with an image of that text, consistently displayed in any font you own. The markup is clean, semantic, and accessible. No CSS hacks are required, and you needn’t open Photoshop or any other image editor. Read about it today; use it on personal and commercial web projects tomorrow.

  • CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders

    by Søren Madsen · Issue 165 ·

    Must CSS layouts be boxy and hard-edged? In this article, we’ll show how customized borders and corners can be applied to fully fluid and flexible layouts with dynamic content, using sound and semantically logical markup.