A List Apart


Topic: Industry

  • Nipping Client Silliness in the Bud

    by Robin (roblimo) Miller · Issue 116 ·

    Slashdot’s Robin (Roblimo) Miller could write a book about web clients’ mistakes. In fact, he’s writing it now – but he needs your help.

  • A Failure to Communicate

    by George Olsen · Issue 103 ·

    It’s ironic that, as professionals dedicated to clear communication, information architects and user interface designers are having such trouble communicating with each other. Information designer George Olsen digs up the roots of communication breakdown and explores the three aspects of web design.

  • The Client Did It: A WWW Whodunit

    by Robbie Shepherd · Issue 114 ·

    Shepherd on the fine art of telling bad clients to buzz off.

  • Much Ado About Smart Tags

    by Chris Kaminski · Issue 115 ·

    Microsoft's proprietary Smart Tags: Boon or bane? Kaminski digs deep beneath the hype and paranoia in an extensive assessment of what Microsoft hath wrought.

  • All the Access Money Can Buy

    by Joe Clark · Issue 114 ·

    Just when you think online multimedia will never be truly access, someone proves you wrong. In BMW Films, Clark sees a tantalizing glimpse of a better web.

  • Experience Design

    by Bob Jacobson · Issue 77 ·

    It’s time for web designers to peek over the cubicle and start sharing ideas with their peers in related design disciplines. Jacobson suggests one way to do that in this overview of the emerging Experience Design paradigm.

  • This HTML Kills: Thoughts on Web Accessibility

    by Jim Byrne · Issue 98 ·

    Activist Jim Byrne sounds off on the importance of web accessibility, and the difficulty of doing it right.

  • The Road to Dystopia

    by Chris Kaminski · Issue 105 ·

    Now that greed, pride, and stupidity have wrecked the web economy, how’s a semi-idealistic web developer supposed to make a living? Chris Kaminski hitches a ride down the road to dystopia.

  • One Boy’s Life: Surviving the Dotcom Blitz

    by Nick Finck · Issue 95 ·

    A boy, a job, and a floundering economy. Nick Finck tells his personal story of hirings and firings on the cusp of the dotcom crunch.

  • Survivor! (How Your Peers are Coping With the Dotcom Crisis)

    by Jeffrey Zeldman · Issue 95 ·

    It’s ugly out there, but how bad is it, really? We asked 40 colleagues to share how they were coping (or not) with the layoffs and business failures plaguing our industry.

  • Time to Close the Web?

    by Alan Herrell · Issue 61 ·

    Focusing on presentation at the expense of content, and invasive money-making schemes at the expense of everything else, designers must take some of the blame for the trashing of the web. Herrell wonders if it’s time to call it a day and close up shop.

  • Dr. Strangeglobe: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The W3C.

    by Erika Meyer · Issue 76 ·

    Can the mysterious Dr Strangeglobe save the WWWorld from a conspiracy to contaminate our precious liquid layouts? Erika Meyer takes a non-standard look at the W3C in this charming yet educational spoof of the Kubrick classic.

  • Why Are You Here?

    by Scott Jason Cohen · Issue 72 ·

    Whether we’re designing experimental sites or keeping an online diary, we go to the web in search of meaning. Will we find it? Or will we build it ourselves?

  • Fame Fatale

    by Rich Robinson · Issue 72 ·

    When did weblogs stop filtering the web and begin cluttering it instead? Rich Robinson on digital glut and creative solutions.

  • Rated XHTML

    by Peter-Paul Koch · Issue 69 ·

    The W3C’s XHTML language is intended to bridge the web’s past (HTML) and future (XML). Shall we cross this bridge, now that we’ve come to it? Or is XHTML more trouble than it’s worth? Peter-Paul Koch puts forth the pros and cons.

  • Bridging the Gap

    by Robert Miller · Issue 66 ·

    How can we work together if we don't understand each other? Systems administrator Robert Miller describes the view from his side of the cubicle, and attempts to break down the barriers between "creative" and systems professionals.

  • Digiglut.com

    by Bob Jacobson · Issue 62 ·

    There is just too much stuff out there. Web surfing has turned to web surfeit, as web users and independent content site authors are buried alive in a sea of ever-more-useless crap. Bob Jacobson sifts through the wreckage.

  • Indie Exposure: It’s All About You

    by Julia Hayden · Issue 82 ·

    Reports of the death of online content have been greatly exaggerated. Julia Hayden finds that independent content production is alive and well.

  • Fear of Style Sheets

    by Jeffrey Zeldman · Issue 8 ·

    “No-fault CSS” can help you work around frightened clients, buggy software, and readers who still love last year’s browser. In Part One of a series, Zeldman walks you through the fear.

  • Usability experts are from Mars, graphic designers are from Venus

    by Curt Cloninger · Issue 74 ·

    Usability mavens like Jakob Nielsen think the web is an ill-used database. Graphic designers like Kioken think it is a fledgling multimedia platform. Could both groups be right? New ALA author Curt Cloninger explains why usability experts are from Mars, graphic designers are from Venus. This one's a hottie.