A List Apart


Topic: Layout & Grids

  • From Table Hacks to CSS Layout: A Web Designer’s Journey

    by Jeffrey Zeldman · Issue 99 ·

    Redesigning A List Apart using CSS should have been easy. It wasn’t. The first problem was understanding how CSS actually works. The second was getting it to work in standards-compliant browsers. A journey of discovery.

  • A Dao of Web Design

    by John Allsopp · Issue 58 ·

    Web designers often bemoan the malleable nature of the web, which seems to defy our efforts at strict control over layout and typography. But maybe the problem is not the web. Maybe the problem is us. John Allsopp looks at web design through the prism of the Tao Te Ching, and decides that designers should let the web be the web.

  • Elastic Design

    by Patrick Griffiths · Issue 167 ·

    Not quite liquid, yet not fixed-width either, Elastic Design combines the strengths of both. Done well, it can enhance accessibility, exploit neglected monitor and browser capabilities, and freshen your creative juices as a designer. Patrick Griffiths shows how to start.

  • Faux Columns

    by Dan Cederholm · Issue 167 ·

    It’s a beginning CSS designer’s nightmare and a frequently asked question at ALA: Multi-column CSS layouts can run into trouble when one of the columns stops short of its intended length. Here’s a simple solution.

  • Exploring Footers

    by Bobby van der Sluis · Issue 170 ·

    With old-school table layout methods, vertical positioning is a piece of cake. With CSS layout, it’s a piece of something else. New ALA contributing writer Bobby van der Sluis shows how to regain control of footers and other vertically positioned layout elements via CSS, JavaScript, and the DOM.

  • CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders Part II

    by Søren Madsen · Issue 172 ·

    Part I showed how to create fluid, dynamic CSS layouts with customized borders and corners. Part II advances to the next level, extending the technique to work with more complicated backgrounds such as gradients and patterns.

  • Drop-Down Menus, Horizontal Style

    by Nick Rigby · Issue 184 ·

    Multi-tiered drop-down menus can be a hassle to build and maintain — especially when they rely on big, honking chunks of JavaScript. Nick Rigby presents a way to handle this common navigation element with a cleanly structured XHTML list, straightforward CSS, and only a few concessions to browser quirks.