A List Apart


Topic: Workflow & Tools

  • Educate Your Stakeholders!

    by Shane Diffily · Issue 237 ·

    Who decides what's best for a website? Highly skilled professionals who work with the site's users and serve as their advocates? Or schmucks with money? Most often, it's the latter. That's why a web designer's first job is to educate the people who hold the purse strings.

  • Stand and Deliver

    by David Sleight · Issue 237 ·

    You've got thirty seconds to sell your work to the well dressed nemesis who's paying you. Handle the next few moments gracefully, and the project will be one you can be proud of. Flub an answer, and you can kiss excellence goodbye. Are you prepared? Can you deliver?

  • Designing Through the Storm

    by Walter Stevenson · Issue 220 ·

    As designers, we all face the inevitable slump. That point where our creativity stagnates and we find ourselves at a dead end. Walter Stevenson offers suggestions on staying productive and creative.

  • A Standards-Compliant Publishing Tool for the Rest of Us?

    by Jeffrey Zeldman · Issue 157 ·

    Publishing with web standards is not for experts alone. A new tool hopes to make it easier for anyone. ALA interviews Six Apart’s Anil Dash about his company’s easy-to-use, standards-compliant publishing tool, TypePad.

  • Build a Cross-Platform Testing Station in Mac OS

    by Paul Sciortino · Issue 139 ·

    Everybody talks about cross-platform testing, but nobody’s shown how to do it on a nuts-and-bolts level. Until now. Sciortino’s comprehensive tutorial for Mac-based web designers will set you up with the testing platform of your dreams.

  • Modifying Dreamweaver to Produce Valid XHTML

    by Carrie Bickner · Issue 141 ·

    You don’t have to wait for Dreamweaver 5 (or 6) to squeeze valid XHTML out of the web’s most popular visual editor. Carrie Bickner’s illustrated tutorial will show you how to modify Dreamweaver to make it a standards–friendly authoring tool.

  • CMS and the Single Web Designer

    by James Ellis · Issue 133 ·

    Content Management Systems free designers from the gruntwork of individual web page production. They may also free companies from the need to retain design staff. How do content management systems work, and what impact will they have on a web designer’s job?

  • Process, Methodology, Life Cycle, Oh My!

    by Meryl K. Evans · Issue 118 ·

    Process, methodology, life cycle. No matter what label you slap on it, if you want to manage your web projects, you need a system that works the way you do. Meryl K. Evans’s overview will help you kick-start your own process.

  • A Design Method

    by Ross Olson · Issue 71 ·

    In a high-powered production environment like the web, a design method can help you get more done faster ... and provide you with rules to break. New ALA writer Ross Olson shares his company’s game plan.