A List Apart


Topic: Writing

  • A Fairy, a Low-Fat Bagel, and a Sack of Hammers


    Never underestimate the importance of words on the web.

  • Language: The Ultimate User Interface


    Words. Language. Meaning. They’re a nutritious part of your complete website. So why do so many webmakers treat language like an afterthought? Julia Hayden explores ways to make words work.

  • Helping Your Visitors: a State of Mind


    Even the simplest website is harder to figure out than a catalog or magazine. We all know how to “use” a catalog: start at the front cover and keep turning the pages. But with every new site we visit, we have to “learn” how it works, how its “pages” turn, how to find what we’re looking for. Text that takes visitors’ needs into account can help guide them through the maze.