A List Apart


Topic: Code

Front and back end development for the web, mainly using open web standards. Markup, style, scripting, and server-side techniques and technologies. Cross-browser HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Frameworks and preprocessors. Creating websites and applications. Optimization and performance. Hacks and workarounds.

Application Development (21 articles)

Web, iPhone, and Android application development. Mobile-first, future-friendly, and multi-device strategies. Web and native app integration. Working with databases. Understanding and working with an API. Retrieving and transforming data from third-party apps and communities. Putting your content in my pocket. Understanding web services. Patents, royalties, and web standards.

Browsers (90 articles)

Does your content travel well? Can your site’s design and behavior survive from one platform to another, one browser to another, one configuration to another, across existing and future networked devices? “Write once, publish everywhere” is the goal. Are we there yet? Web standards and testing methods. QA and workflow. Bugs and features in desktop and mobile browsers. Vendors and standards bodies, experimentation and support.

CSS (141 articles)

Controlling layout and typography. Responsive and multi-device design. Separating presentation from structure and behavior. Media queries and beyond. Types of web layouts. CSS3 animations. Replacing JavaScript with CSS3. Crafting a print style sheet. CSS support: browser bugs and workarounds. CSS in networked devices, mobile and otherwise. Showing and hiding elements, replacing text with images. Sass and Less and more.

HTML (155 articles)

Proper document markup. Separating structure from presentation and behavior. The lowercase semantic web. Building accessible, cross-platform, cross-browser pages. Using web standards correctly. HTML evolves into a language built for applications, not just documents. New semantics. Responsive images and other conundrums. Canvas and accessibility. Audio, video, and fallbacks. The politics of HTML: WHAT WG and the W3C.

JavaScript (96 articles)

The behavioral layer. Progressive enhancement: creating sites that work on any browser or device, with or without JavaScript. Accessible scripting. Write less, do more with jQuery. Application Cache. Twitter Bootstrap. Adaptive design. Tabbed interfaces, collapsible elements, and accordion widgets. Modern debugging tips and tricks. A/B testing. Rapid prototyping with Sinatra. Popups and lightboxes and carousels, oh, my!

The Server Side (33 articles)

Back-end in motion. Shaping interactivity with languages like Perl, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, Rebol, and Ruby on Rails. Database-driven projects and processes. Interface responsiveness through better database design. Fending off hackers. Obfuscating e-mail addresses. Creating a more useful 404 page. A better image rotator. Dynamic text replacement. Keeping navigation current with PHP.