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Another day, another disruption. The effect of rapidly changing technology on our culture. Buying and selling services and products. Making a buck. Licensing, copyright, and patents. Web standards versus the Mole People. W3C, ICANN, RIAA/MPAA, web laws. Censorship, freedom of information, online privacy.

Business (131 articles)

When you are your own client, who are you going to make fun of at the bar? The designer as entrepreneur. In defense of client services. Accessibility and the law. Web 2.0 is a fresh-faced starlet on the intertwingled longtail to the disruptive experience of tomorrow. Cheaper over better: why web clients settle for less. It ain't easy getting green: why are freelancers the last to be paid? Revenue and other models.

Industry (108 articles)

Why design has a massive role to play in the evolution of the web and the next generation of web products. Getting and keeping clients. How to write software that is not just “internationalized” but truly multilingual. Getting real about agile design. Evangelizing oustide the box: web standards and large companies. Working from home. Flash and standards: the cold war of the web.

State of the Web (89 articles)

Can standards help us cope with varying screen sizes, pixel densities, input types, and more? Universal design in real life: if our sites are supposed to be accessible to anyone, why aren't our conferences and events? Publication standards. Responsive images and web standards. For a future-friendly web. What ate the periodical? The vendor prefix predicament. Conversation is the new attention.