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  • Project Management for Humans


    Staffing teams can feel a bit like a game of Tetris, but don’t forget your teams are human beings. They have interests, strengths, and qualities that should be considered above their availability.

  • A List Apart volunteer update


    A few days ago, we announced a reimagined A List Apart, with you, our faithful readers of nearly 20 years, contributing your talents. The response from this community was humbling, thrilling, and, frankly, a bit overwhelming. If you volunteered to help A List Apart and haven’t heard back from us yet, here’s what’s up.

  • Patterns and Purpose, an Excerpt from Animation at Work


    Animations into our users’ visual systems and give them a cognitive speed boost. But which elements of our design benefit most from this new tool? In this excerpt from Rachel Nabors’s new book, Animation at Work, you’ll discover some core animation patterns, and learn how animation applies to a greater design system.

  • New A List Apart wants you!


    As A List Apart approaches its 20th anniversary—a milestone in independent, web-based publishing—we’re once again reimagining the magazine. We want your feedback. And most of all, we want you. We’re getting rid of advertisers and digging back to our roots: community-based, community-built, and determinedly non-commercial. Find out how you can help!

  • Conducting the Technical Interview


    Hiring for technical roles can be unnerving. Does your interview plan cover the vital questions? Have you clearly defined the role? Will you recognize the right candidate? Brandon Gregory shares experiences and tips to help you make the right hiring decision.

  • Yes, That Web Project Should Be a PWA


    A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website with special powers. Despite what you might have heard, most websites—and, more importantly, their readers—can benefit from becoming PWAs. And it’s so easy! New A List Apart editor-in-chief Aaron Gustafson explains.

  • User Interfaces for Variable Fonts


    The tools we design with have a unique effect on the way we work, constraining and empowering us while we explore, examine and create. Variable fonts give us a new, wide open typographic space with which to work. Instead of prescribing value to individual UI elements in a vacuum, we should take a hybrid and calculated approach to variable font interfaces. How do we structure our design tools to adapt to the new advantages variable fonts provide us with?

  • Integrating Animation into a Design System


    Like color and typography, a cohesive animation system can help express a product’s personality and make the interface feel connected and whole. To achieve that, animation should be established holistically, almost as a system in its own right. Alla Kholmatova shares a way to approach interface animations in a systematic way.