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  1. Great article. It’s so easy to forget that words that are critical topics to one person are jargon to another. We can go farther, and think about how to write all of our reports in plain language - language and information design that helps people scan them quickly, find information in them, and make use of that information.

    There’s lots more information at and (or on twitter @plain_language)

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  2. it’s is humongoysly shocking that business endeavors in the United States and in other parts of the world, are this deeply focused to UX, in my country, sadly, website design industry is rules by the cheapest in the room, they just want a cheap website and the get it, it doesn’t work and then they sey that website design is useles, WD culture in my country obeys a single principle, WAR, you get the prize if you are the dirtiest mercenary (therefore my name), and I’m glad that I can learn some tools from you guys to make WD culture something more serious in my country.

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  3. It’s really important to be able to speak in a “client’s language” when trying to explain something. Knowing it simply won’t do it by itself…

    Nice article :)

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