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  1. This is fantastic, thank you Aimee for a very insightful look into UX.

    I’m curious if the medical portal changed in essence of forms and functionality or was it aesthetic in nature?

    I really related to the fixed mindset situation as developer, being that I’ve used a chat box on our site to interact with the audience.

    Stay smart Aimee,

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  2. Finding someone who will give advice or express your opinion is not so difficult. It is much more difficult to find someone who is not always able to be in the foreground, loves and knows how to listen to others. He maintains eye contact and devotes all his attention to the instructor. You can often help by simply listening and asking thoughtful questions. Pronouncing his own thoughts, sharing his feelings, a person examines himself and understands the situation with minimal interference. If he feels understood and accepted, he is more inclined to ask for advice in the future. A good mentor does not think that his point of view is the only correct one, and the ways to solve problems are the best possible. Nor does he seem to need to save those who are being instructed. Mentors, guided by a sense of respect and dignity in a relationship, are able to gain confidence. The ideal mentor is already a person in life who does not need to assert himself at the expense of inexperienced and young people.

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