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  1. I’ve used a similar Venn diagram to explain the aim of User Experience — a merger of user desires, business needs and technical capabilities. Before reading this article, I would have grouped technical capbilities and organizational sustainablity, but I’ve modified my chart to mimic yours; capability just answers “can we do it?”, sustainabliity kind of answers “…and for how long?”

    Since I’m a UX guy, I twisted mine to put the User Desires up top. That way it doens’t look like I’m copying you EXACTLY.

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  2. If you think about doing live chat, consider We issue chat ID’s (they are URLs like or

    Its a 2 minute integration with buttons, in-place widgets or simple links.

    All messages can be viewed on a smartphone.

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  3. Since this is my first time trying to chart out these key ideas, I’ll keep this one to two main points.
    (From a developer’s perspective.)

    In every decision, always take aim to make the most accurate representation of the design as well as the client’s expectation. This is most obvious with the visual design, but this also applies with setting up interaction, animation, and mobile break points. Out of the cavalcade of options and features, which is more in line with the original design.  Which more accurately portrays the client’s voice?

    The balance to accuracy is accessibility. Accessibility is always keeping the end user in mind, making sure they have a positive experience with the website regardless what they use or where they view your site.  This involves cross browser functionality, page load optimization, and producing clean, dense code that isn’t rife with plug-ins and unnecessary bells and whistles.  This can also apply to the client when building out tools and resources they may use in the final product. In order for a website to have a long and active life, you need to create something that isn’t scary or intimidating to the client.

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  4. I love your idea and your blog is awesome! keep it going with the hard work :) best regards friend

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  5. Nice idea. Is it worth also including budget, or are these decisions during the initial discussions before a quote/proposal? Either way, nice to have a framework for decision making.

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