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  1. About two weeks ago my web host’s severs were hacked into and despite his attack being blocked as soon as it was discovered by my host, the attacker was still able to replace about 70,000+ index pages with his own personal page that read “This server has been hacked”.

    Fortunately for my site his attack only deleted the index page on my site and I was able to upload an original from my backups with ease.

    Unfortunately, my host failed to notify anyone via email that such an attack had occurred. I found out about a day after the attack when I tried to figure out why my index page was missing. I read that others found out through visitors to their site.

    They did release a press statement stating that they were more concerned about putting their resources towards stopping the attack rather than notifying consumers that an attack had happened. However they also admitted that it’s not an excuse for not notifying us and they should of done better on that end.

    Yup, I agree 100% that’s why I backup the back ups.

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