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  1. Great article.  For my Firm’s intranet, I created an author dashboard which shows articles from the part of the site they manage with the oldest articles on top.  There are buttons to edit, unpublish, and to mark the content as reviewed.  That last one keeps it off the list for six months.

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  2. Hey Allen,
    Great piece. There’s one thing, though, that I’m shocked you didn’t mention at all — the idea of simply linking throughout your content to your older content. While it might not work on a travel blog, most business websites (or even personal sites around an information niche instead) can simply create in text links back to older content that’s still relevant and therefore help push traffic through their archives.

    Another idea, something Copyblogger used to do (but doesn’t seem to anymore—curious if this is because it didn’t work well for them or because they choose to launch their community instead) was have “how to” pages that navigated users interested in a specific topic through their content.

    If I was to use your travel blog example, perhaps the blogger would have a page for each of her trips that summarizes what readers could find in the individual blog posts (day X: visits to Y landmark, Z restaurant and information on how I use my time on the plane) or even around non location related data (ex: tips for making travel easier - links to a post on packing for long trips, to using plane time effectively, and to something on the best way to decide how much local currency to buy, etc.)

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  3. Hi Allen,
    Thank you for your article that I will “store” in my “food for thought” (in the best meaning) library.

    I share your opinion about the too often neglected concept of storage, sorting, deleting, or placed in context the contents of a website.

    Personally, I always start a new project with a review of existing contents which my client has. This is a sorting step, ungrateful but so useful.

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