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  1. What I like to do is with a new project, not everyone, is that I will select a book that is highly rated and related to the project and read it while Im working on that project. I read as much as the book as needed, that being until I can apply something new or seems to be a better way to do the particular part of the project at hand.  It’s a fun way to keep fresh and is very open to what area you would like to improve on your business/project approach.

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  2. Some good points made.  There’s no point spending all that time taking on advice from various avenues if you’re not going to take action.

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  3. Nice post.

    One of the things I personally struggle with is managing the lists. Usually I end up with lot of things. I believe I need to curtail the todo lists and transfer the tasks to someday/maybe list. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks

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  4. Thank you Rachel for the post. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting things done for not only entrepreneurs but also business owners. I think it is also very important for entrepreneurs and business owners to set correct values for their business at beginning. Without any doubt, we are running business because we want to make profit. There is nothing wrong with this idea. It is great that some of us are successful and become millionaire if not billionaire. What we need to keep in mind is that our business is not all about money. We also want to make a difference in the society and help people in need. Correct business values can guide you to the right path, which is particularly important. In business or in life, we are all willing to deal with people with good personalities, and we will hesitate to further develop business or personal relationship with someone who is rich and talented but has awful personalities.

    Furthermore, it is also essential for entrepreneurs to have a practical and achievable goal. Here is a story I heard from two young entrepreneurs who were seeking for investment. They proposed that their online business would be able to generate one billion revenue within two years with $10,000 investment. It is clear that there is something wrong with their idea. Entrepreneurs need to have practical and achievable goals instead of fantasy. You may be able to generate one billion revenue in several years. But how could you achieve this with such little investment in such short time? Plus, there was no thoughtful business plan with it.

    All in all, I believe setting the right business value and having plans done step-by-step will finally make us successful.

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