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  1. Thank you Janice great article you published!

    In fact, I can relate to your article if you consider myself as the entire company to innovate (i’m currently the only Web developer managing all web projects development/design-wise at the moment) and trying out new tools to craft a great User Experience for the audience.

    We will be having a couple new teammates arriving near the end of Q1, and one has extensive experience with big clients, so this article has helped me see a whole new perspective if ever this guy were to begin ‘experimenting’. Better yet, I will start right now!

    Also, my Director and I have been using the term ‘experimenting’ and it really does work well in our office. It sparks enthusiasm and excitement. I guess it’s too much hassle to say ‘implementing’ plus it sounds a little negative.

    ‘Experimenting’ sounds like you are keen to explore ways to improve the company, and experiments are known to possibly ‘fail quickly’, but everyone understands that failing is 80% part of the experimentation process, considering that many experiments might be expected to hone a better product of choice.

    I also like the way you address the problem and go through the process step-by-step i.e. giving out a quick presentation to the boss, going for lunch with colleagues to gain their insights and possibly gain their following for any of your experiments. These are really valuable!

    The word ‘experimentation’ that you have used has sparked an incredible ‘AHA moment’ for me as a Web developer. It made me realise that I have become a Web developer because I ❤️ experiments. You realise that you enjoy Theming your Code editor, finding the best solutions to your mini-problems, and putting things together to see if they work (designing)? That is ‘experimentation’. If you speak anthropologically, humans like to group things together naturally, and putting things together too to make them right is part of using the human instinct to craft a great user experience and product for more humans to enjoy.

    Think of Lego bricks, putting things together to create a pyramid? Think of crafting a website to make things look good together? And honing the instinct that ‘something just feels right’ — the designer instinct.

    Humans have been designing ever since technology like stone and twigs were used for hunting. And it’s innovation that excites us, and I’m glad you published this article as a great reference for us to better find a way to introducing to our companies ‘experiments that just work’.

    Kind regards,


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  2. Great primer on workplace innovation, Janice. I’m trying to get my company to adopt the slogan “Innovation that matters.” I think every web professional wants to innovate, but few want to tie it back to business goals and metrics. This article helps bridge that gap and gives some practical advice for not only change but change management. Thanks!

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  3. Thanks for this article! I love the idea of the pre-postmortem.

    At the agency where I work, we also create a list of features we think the user might want, and then survey users to get an idea of whether they at least think they’d like to have that feature.

    It’s not bulletproof, but it does help us validate some of our brainstormed ideas.

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  4. This is the perfect kind of article to help me check myself. I’ve kept on wrecking myself by being stuck in the planning phases for so many projects. I end up seeking approval too often before commencing in the “just do it!” phase. Thanks for the pep talk

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  5. I recently had to carry out some Guerilla marketing strategies at my company and the outcome was great! I feel unusual marketing techniques that require little budget could be very beneficial in the short run.

    Great approach,


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