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  1. Thank you ALA for posting this snippet from Debra’s new book. Another fantastic and insightful read.

    The single interesting question I took away was: how much of this article would still ring true if we replaced ‘4 - 6s’ with different, older age groups (i.e. 18 - 34s or ‘40 - 60s’)?

    I ask this because it feels like younger (and older) users are responding more positively to these exact design methodologies. By this I mean they want instant confirmation of their actions, to feel part of something social at all times, and to be surprised and slightly challenged (or encouraged to ‘win’) inside the applications they use.

    Any thoughts on this, amazing ALA community? (Love you guys)

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  2. Thanks for the article. I am recently working on an iPad app for preschoolers too, but the most user testing difficulty I face is that find a user. I think because I am still a student and not belong to any organization. Most of the kindergarten or day care organization are so exclusive. I understand the safety is always the most important for them, but the process is very frustrating. Does anyone have similar experience or helpful recourse?

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  3. Hi Debra,

    This is an excellent article for all of us who plan to develop an application for kids age 4 - 6, or as you call them “the muddy middle”.

    I think I will grow a fan of that name :) Anyway, quality applications for kids are still “undiscovered territory” and there’s a lot of potential in that niche.

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