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  1. I have started reading this article with interest but then I got very mixed feelings. You were talking about people’s worst nightmares, visits in hospitals, ER, personal dramas with stone cold hearts and description worth of a statistician. I must admit I was a little furious and couldn’t understand how can you be so cold. I am a father, a husband and a son and I know the gut wrenching feeling of dread when you suspect something may be wrong with your loved one. Yet here you were complaining about the stories being flat. How could they be different if people were recalling their worst moments to two complete strangers who wanted to design a website? So yes, I got furious.
    But I kept reading and I am glad I did. I am happy that you changed your approach to those unfortunate people but I am also glad that you understood the wrong path your thoughts previously followed.
    I know what you want to present in this article and I agree but let me tell you that it was a rough ride in the beginning. Overall though congratulations. And also what website is that or will that be?

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  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the sharing this awesome article. Which is very usefull

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  3. I can definitely understand how the emotions would be difficult for them to explain and also understand. But good thing that it managed to work out in the end for everyone

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