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  1. What’s equally important is really to estimate the time that it takes to complete a task. I’ve seen this estimation take from plainly saying ‘1 hour’. But that’s not the right way. It’s got to be drilled down even further.

    For example:
    I’ve got to edit all 300 products with some stuff that’s got to be done manually. (not the ideal task but it’s mundane and in the example needs doing).

    I might say that it would take me 3 hours or so…

    But I’ll ask myself ‘how long will it take me to do 1 product?’... 4 minutes?

    After that, multiply by 300 = 1200 minutes or 20 hours.

    Yeah, but see the difference if it takes 7 minutes each product?

    7 x 300 = 2100 minutes or 35 hours!!!

    Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.
    — Abraham Lincoln

    The multiplier effect really does play a large role in estimating the time of a Task.

    This multiplier effect is very important in that it can truly reduce the project as a whole.

    Because what happens if we can optimise the multiplier… of a multiplier!

    So it really does stack up and is really something that should be taken into major consideration.

    Really important too to first find out how we can best accomplish the task. As that will also reduce the estimated time (perhaps considerably!).

    If there’s a macro that can be created… or a program that can better accomplish the task, then that will be very beneficial.

    So these are why meetings are still important to discuss if these can be reminded by the team.

    Some questions that will greatly benefit the entirety of the project:

    1) How did you figure out how much time you need for the task?

    2) Hmm, can this be accomplished using a program?

    3) Can we outsource the task?

    Hope this helps.


    Kind regards,


    Mic Sumner

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  2. what are some of the tools out there. How can we allow employees to choose their own way to track and report while still being able to report on a large team with varieties of projects.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your useful experiences Brett! I had a new perspective on human and project management that previously had not been paid more attention.

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  4. Web project management is so important !
    It allows to respect the client’s budget and deadlines

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  5. This is great.. Having structure and organization is really important in manging basically anything.

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  6. @andypbrowne Tools out there are Hitask, Asana, Basecamp, Trello and many more…

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  7. Great insights Brett. As someone who works with project managers on a daily basis I witness first hand the many challenges they face, pretty much constantly. Project management to me is like an iceberg, the part you see is a result of everything you do, which is substantially more. Rewarding, but substantial.

    @andypbrowne you can try Nuvro as well, we built it specifically to address the many shortcomings of other pm tools.

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