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  1. Great read!  Minor typo in the 1st paragraph after “Information Sharing”, replace “chose” with “choose”.  Hate to pick nits, but these things bug me! 

    Your point about Excel is dead-on true.  Excel encourages listmaking, but lists don’t always add up to a coherent vision.  If the list is long enough, it is bound to have inconsistent or conflicting requirements.  “Must be easy to use” and “Must be ultra-secure” are almost always conflicting propositions, for example, if executed badly.

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  2. Great article Tony & Jarrod! I just shared with the sales team over here at Accelo. We’re actively working on ways to counter to the Excel pitfalls you’ve mentioned - do you have any suggestions on tools to use and share with potential customers as an external advisor (in this case, sales people)?

    I’ve been experimenting with Service Blueprint / Persona Workflow diagrams (using tools like Lucidchart) and it’s working quite well… though it’s been fairly time-consuming.

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