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  1. s/Burt/Bert/

    “Some ideas just weren’t feasible for phase one of a CSS grid. Bos’ concept, for instance, allowed for any arbitrary descendent of the grid to lay out as though it were a child element of the grid. That is a feature often referred to as “subgrid” and it didn’t make the cut for CSS Grid Layout 1.0”

    This wasn’t subgrid: this was a different (interesting, but imho less critical) feature. Subgrid was part of the initial CSS Grid Layout 1.0 Candidate Recommendation. It was removed from the spec this year because it didn’t make it into the first round of implementations.

    “It was … one that held back the spec work for quite a bit.” I’m going to dispute Rossen on this one, we spent very little time on the spec work for subgrid (like < 1% of editing effort), and a lot of time arguing whether it should be in level 1 of the spec. :)

    Wrt Regions… Regions had a lot of opposition in the working group because, as proposed, it made a wreck of the content/style division. It required altering markup, adding lots of empty elements for the purpose of styling. A lot of common, interesting, responsive behaviors would therefore require JavaScript. It did not fulfill the design principles of CSS. *And* it was gnarly to implement in layout engines, as it broke a lot of assumptions in their architecture—the resulting fragility likely motivated its subsequent removal. Grid had none of these problems: it upheld the CSS design principles, and it fit neatly into as a new module within the layout engine. This is why it succeeded where Regions failed.

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  2. Hey Aaron,
    Great article, i have been using Bootstrap for day to day needs. It works well for me :)

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  3. Excellent article which draws historical lines and explains some of the non-linearity in spec development.

    Elika’s comment is also very good. It’s a pity that CSS doesn’t have selectable regions; the proposal which is mentioned in the article had numerous problems which were identified early, but not rectified.

    CSS multi-column layout provides a model where regions are created and placed automatically. By adding column selectors, one could quite easily provide selectable regions.

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