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  1. Great article - thanks for writing this -

    It really does amaze me to see how far we’ve come in only a few years.  I am not sure I could have imagined all of this happening so quickly… and media convergence marches on…

    I too have been troubled by the march to native development on mobile devices.  I see some of the problems through my own eyes, as a designer…barring frameworks like jquery mobile + sencha, there may have to be some kind of fundamental shift in the way browsers display + visualize content and information.  The more well crafted native apps have seamless window + content transitions, while the mobile web is of course a bit more clunky by default.  I just never expect to see a buttery smooth interface from a mobile website. I realize this is a narrow lens to look through though, and there is much more to it.

    I look forward to seeing Mozilla’s mobile offering shortly…not sure how optimistic I feel about it though.  The push towards the dominance of the mobile web is definitely not being helped by two big powers with an incentive to make huge sums of cash selling native apps…

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