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  1. from doing my shopping to organising my photos, and for having standards too

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  2. The way the sweetness of a photoshop document can be reflected through web applications without the need to compromise positions.

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  3. Shame that there are more negative comments on this Valentine’s Day double-header about the web. But you’ve got to be positive. Let’s hope the web 2.0 thingy phenomenon type thing doesn’t go boom and bust, I’m sure we learned our mistakes the first time around.

    There’s plenty to be positive about: CSS + Web Standards making things better for everyone concerned, simple ideas like Flickr, and RSS giving users the power that should make Mr Berners-Lee smile, and that it was all worth while.

    Here’s to the future, wherever it may end up online.

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  4. It’s all about the people as already said. I’ve met so many people over the web, without it I wouldn’t have so many friends from around the world. And specifically…, weebl and bob, ecommerce, forums (more so than blogs)...and lots of other stuff i’ve missed :)

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  5. Someone negatived that ‘amateurs’ feel the need to make websites and try and be web pros. I say that’s rubbish.

    There is no school for web design, okay so there are some, but most people don’t go to university to do web development.. would you? So there is no school, the beauty of the web and open source software, is that if you’ve got the inclination you can get in there and start learning - free!

    The beauty of the industry and the pace of progression is that while the guy who’s only been in it for a few years can know as much about current technologies (e.g. XHTML/CSS) as someone who’s been in it for 20 years.

    This is what enabled me to become a web developer and start being _offered_ decent jobs at 21 before i’ve even finished my computing degree. I can’t think of any other industry where that would be possible without being exceptionally talented.

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  6. 1. View Source: the web wouldn’t exist in it’s present form without it.

    2. The “newness” of the web: it’s a very young system of publishing, so the conventions (or standards) have yet to be “agreed up on”.

    3. The “Connectedness”: all content can be connected to other relevant content.

    4. The “Immediacy”: hard to explain, but I sometimes perceive the web as “an extra brain” or “telepathy”... Forgot something? Look it up on the web.

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  7. The main thing I love about the web is being able to meet with so many new people and share common interests without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home, though finally meeting these people in real life is a totally different feeling in its own. Websites like Flickr, Digg,, and blogs in general are a great help and I’d go crazy without them.

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  8. *37 Signals* - like the cut of their jib

    *Ruby on rails* - got me enjoying programming again

    The fact doing things the ‘right way’ is easier now than the wrong way.. im still sceptical about everything that is going on right now .. but im trying to embrace everything with an open mind.

    I love the fact I have a hunger, instead of an apathy - its the community’s offerings, speaking of which i should start returning the favour.

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  9. 1. i love different opinions all around the web
    2. people awareness to the standards is finally starting to grow
    3. joining the hype of ajax and web 2.00112a sites alike - i like seeing well-done web-based application, though not using ajax in every page, like some people intend to do
    4. clean (x)html/css sites - they make me feel better =O)
    5. i love technical articles around the web (list apart for ex.) =O)

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  10. I love IE! It has earned me tons of unexpected billable hours. It has paid for my house, my car, my family and my over all well being.

    I also love that the Massacre column already has 27 comments to this one’s nine. Clearly, we hate our platform. ;)

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  11. Something we do love about web is its semantic markup.
    XHTML helps to make friendlier and most consistent sites, besides, along Css to change or update a whole site is crazily easier.

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  12. I love that I find an interesting site design on the web almost everyday. It keeps me focused and energized, and that’s definitely a good thing!

    And as a client-seeking designer, I also love seeing so many crappy sites. =D

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  13. To provide the positive, here are three things I love

    1. The fact that the exquisite talent of so many designers out there is available for me to see and to take inspiration from.

    2. CSS, XHTML and all things standards based - the beauty of it makes me very happy.

    3. The fact that I can make a living from it and never feel like I have grown stale - the web changes and moves faster than I could keep up which means the challenges each morning are just as exciting as they were the morning before.

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  14. I love “W3Schools”: .  It’s horribly outdated (not necessarily up to par with today’s best practices nor info on today’s browsers), but the info is still correct and succinct. I used it as a reference for years when getting the hang of things. It was great to go work in a coffee shop and not have to bring a reference book with me to check what was what and what was it used for.

    Add to that “”: ,  “”: and others that have been instrumental resources for learning the cross-browser bugaboos. And I cannot close this comment in good conscience without mentioning A List Apart, “Eric Meyer”: and the CSS Zen Garden as well.

    In general, whenever I butt up against a problem, there’s almost always someone else out there that has butt up against it too. Either they’ve found or created a solution, or they have at least confirmed for me that it’s not just my system (or as so may IT guys love to say, “it must be a Mac thing.”)

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  15. What do I love about the web today? That is indeed a very controversial question, so I’m going to try and keep it simple.

    Firstly, the web today is a very powerful means and medium of communication. It unites people, groups and pieces of information from around the globe. I dare to say that the web today truly resembles McLuahn’s “Global Village”. However, with great power comes great responsibility and although content on the web should not be censored, it should be controlled not by governments, laws or whatever, but by us.

    Secondly, and speaking from a designer’s point of view, the web nowadays offers us unlimited resources in order to create more standards-adherent web sites. Web sites that should be accessible by all, especially now that the use of portable devices is rising steadily. People can now access web sites from their palmtop, their mobile phone and so forth. Hence it is up to us to try our best to create pages that conform to standards!

    Forgive my long-winded and rambling post everyone. I did my best to keep it brief and concise.

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  16. I just love wiki stuff. I think CSS and XML is cool.

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  17. Alas everything great about the web can also perhaps be classed in the list of what’s not great too. Examples, following the above comment:

    * CSS - great for styling, with a lot of power. But also frustratingly primitive; lack of browser support etc.

    * XML - Great idea for describing and manipulating data. But look at XSL-FO and see how unreadable it can become. Plus it has problems: a page of XHTML served as xhtml/xml in Firefox will stop dead if there’s a single error on it.

    * HTML - got everyone onto the net; easy to use; errors are ignored. But those are also the reasons it sucks, leading to masses of poorly-written invalid pages by everyone from their grandmother to their dog. Also laughably poor range of markup tags (nothing for marking up poetry etc).

    * Flash - I love it. But not when an advert takes over the whole page.

    * Email - an amazing tool. But I hate the way HTML and replies get all mixed up into a soup of different fonts and sizes. Can’t any email client sort this out?

    * Popularity - sites like eBay, Flickr and so on are great. They bring people together and provide much useful information. But then everyone registers and you suddenly have way too much information to take in and sift through. Likewise forums - can’t do without them for help. But they’re so popular it’s hard to find what you want in all the noise.

    * Blogs - wicked idea full of future potential. But who has the time to read them all? Is the net drowning in them?

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  18. My mom finally upgraded from IE/Mac (on OS 9) to Safari on OS X.  Thanks Mom!  I’m proud of you!  :D

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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  19. I love amateurs who use a lot of animated GIFs and star backgrounds to make their personal home pages instead of resgitering with Blogger or installing Word Press.

    Keep up the great work, amateurs, you are the true stylists of the web! Make more midi background music as well and continue having flocks of pigeons or sprinkly stars going after the mouse pointer. Get some cheap web space and upload all your stuff there, don’t fall to the boredoms of visual standardisation offered by flickr and friends! It’s your web, understand?

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  20. # (My best reason to love the Internet.) It provided aging, eccentric, slackers like me with their first decent job. It continues to pay my bills.
    # The Internet made open source software viable enough to change the world.
    # If you really pay attention, the Web has managed to transcend and outlive all the trendiness and hype. The dot-bomb didn’t destroy it and neither will “Web 2.0.”

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  21. I love internet because I learn every day new thing, I share my interests with my partner and friends, I speak with skype with my parents in the world . I love Yahoo because is the best place to find informations and the best search engine to indicize my website without spend a lot of money. I love internet because is free. I love internet because our opinion is valuable. I love internet because every day we can invent our self. I love the web because every people has the opportunities to make business.

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  22. Is free music ever a bad thing? Several artists released free Valentine tunes for this past Holiday. Many created sitelets to promote their offerings. Such as,

    Other artists made it seem as though they were offering a “gift,” such as,

    Does a gift by any other name smell as sweet?

    (by the way, I love TinyURL)

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  23. I find it funny when people knock the state of internet shenanigans. Think we need to appricate we’re currently enjoying powerful tools and a level of communication and information which if you described it just 15 years ago, the majority would have thought you were talking about some strange magic.

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  24. I had no idea. I thought I was one of a few. Well with the articles on ALA you are helping us all “Do a good turn daily”

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  25. I could give up my ordinary job for my online business. I have to go only once per day to the local post office to send some stuff for customers. Like I’ve said - I’m fat by now :-)

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  27. What I like is the change to travel around the world in some seconds. I am living in germany and have a office in shanghai. I need only 5 minutes to start with Key Word advertising in Shanghai… And Online-Translation of Google also make it possible to search chinese web pages and have a look to all my competitors there.. this is amazing…

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  28. 1) The freedom it offers for expression; your voice, your way.
    2) The variety of information available.
    3) A variety of browers that are not from effing Microsoft that work well.
    4) The fact that no government, business or individual(s) own the web - it’s not property in any sense.
    5) Business web sites that are sleek, fast loading, well written and well designed.
    6) Personal web sites that stand up to or exceed corporate sites.
    7) Surfing the web is a good use of time (mostly).

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  29. The political blogosphere and You Tube

    The former provide an awesome amount of political commentary that you cannot get from the mainstream media and all of it is easily converted into text or video files that can be displayed on the internet.

    You Tube hosts great political videos as well as music videos.  Gotta love it.  :)


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