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  1. For front-end devs, it’s often that last thing that proves a head-scratcher.

    Hey, that’s me!

    All of the tweets, blog entries, and repo descriptions constantly prodding me with grunt and the like had just intimidated me more.

    Your well-worded suggestion / anecdote was just what I needed. I know what my weekend project will be. I’m looking forward to this, thanks!

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  2. This so fits in with where I’m at right now.
    I’m very adept on the command line, I have a workflow which ‘works’ for me, but I want to improve it.
    I’ve adopted less, then adopted sass, then started using a watcher instead of a GUI. I’m considering compass, but in the interim, using my own homebrew mixins.

    Grunt? I’ll get there. It’s a case of getting team buy-in - the bonus being we end up with standards that are easy to adhere to with all these workflows.

    It’s a win win.

    Now if only it was easy to tackle the *other* workflow - you know, clients, content, dragging non-techs out of the nineties ... :)

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