Vision & Principles

Our Vision

We will bring insightful, approachable, and inclusive content to curious web professionals who want not just new techniques, but fresh perspectives.

More than editors and publishers, we are guides committed to challenging our authors and readers to do their best work—both within our magazine and for the web industry at large.


To live out this vision, we will…

Lead by example.

If we want our peers to take on challenging work, adapt, and grow, then we need to model that ourselves. Instead of being afraid of change, we recognize that the industry will always change, and we need to adapt as it does. This means we…

  • Follow best practices for accessible, standards-based code.
  • Regularly test performance of the site and our content, and look for ways to improve it.
  • Speak up about issues in our industry and advocate for change whenever we see fit.

Push our field to its best.

We want to inspire our readers and authors to aim higher and think further, and that means we do more than just accept or reject articles. We simultaneously nurture our authors while being rigorous in our editing—resulting in content that’s better than our authors thought they were capable of. This means we…

  • Nurture authors with potential, coaching them beyond their comfort zone.
  • Are straightforward and direct with feedback.
  • Invest in developing authors’ talent and ideas.
  • Publish both strategic/big-picture essays that change how our readers think and practical, hands-on pieces that change how they work.
  • Are clear and transparent about our editorial standards, practices, and processes.
  • Provide an exceptional reading experience—one that showcases our authors and their ideas with careful art direction and illustration.

Work out loud.

We want a web community that’s approachable, welcoming, and ready to learn from one another—and we will help build that industry by sharing our own work as we go. This means we…

  • Share the tools we make, like editorial guides and pattern libraries, so others can learn from and adapt them.
  • Welcome the community into our work through Github participation.

Foster a healthy community.

The web has become a big place with big challenges, and we need people from every background to solve them. We will encourage a healthy, inclusive community by empowering people from every background to be part of our pages and this industry. This means we…

  • Actively work to recruit diverse authors.
  • Support authors who want to write about personal and community topics, not just technical and practical ones.
  • Look for respect and balance—and identify assumptions and biases—in our editorial processes.

Keep it fun.

We’re here because we love the web. While we work hard and challenge our authors, our readers, and ourselves, we aren’t afraid to show our passion and personality. This means we…

  • Bring life and fun into the magazine with illustrations and design details.
  • Allow our personalities and humor to shine through in our posts and on social media.