Word Choice & Spelling

This list is a constantly evolving collection of our word choice and spelling decisions, particularly for technical terminology. For additional help, please reference:

Word list

3G, 4G networks, not 3g or 4g

acknowledgment, not acknowledgement
add-on, not add on (when used as a noun, e.g., “the service is available as an add-on.”)
afterward, not afterwards

backend (whether adjective or noun), not back end or back-end development
breadcrumb, not bread crumb
breakpoint, not break point

call to action, not call-to-action
client side (noun), client-side (adjective)
codebase, not code base
cofounder, not co-founder

data: treat as singular

ebook, not Ebook or e-book
ecommerce, not e-commerce
email, not e-mail
end user (as noun), end-user (as adjective)
EPUB, not ePub or epub

forward, not forwards
front-end development, not front end development (as adjective); front end (as noun)

Google (capped, both as noun and verb)
gzip, not Gzip

homepage, not home page
homescreen, not home screen

internet, not Internet

JavaScript, not Javascript or javascript

kB, not KB or kb

LESS (CSS extension), not Less or less

meetup, not meet-up
metadata, not meta data
mockup, not mock-up

net, not Net
nonprofit, not non-profit

onward, not onwards

postprocessor, not post-processor
precompiler, not pre-compiler
preprocessor, not pre-processor

Retina, not retina (in terms of Apple’s displays); otherwise, use “high-PPI” for general references
road map (noun), roadmap (verb)

Sass (CSS extension), not SASS
screen reader, not screenreader
signposting, not sign posting
sign-up form, sign-in process (as adjectives), but signups (as noun)
signoff (noun)
sitemap, not site map
sitewide, not site-wide
skillset, not skill set or skill-set
smartphone, not smart phone
smartwatch, not smart watch
startup, not start-up
stylesheet, not style sheet

task runner, not taskrunner
touchscreen, not touch screen (for both noun and adjectival uses)
toward, not towards
tradeoff, not trade-off

versus: spell out in most contexts. In headlines/subheads, use vs., not v. (v. is used in legal contexts)

walkthrough, not walk-through
web, not Web
web page, not webpage
website, not web site
whitespace, not white space
wifi, not Wi-Fi, WiFi, or wi-fi
wireframe, not wire frame