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The ALA 2011 Web Design Survey

The Survey, 2011

The profession that dares not speak its name needs you. Digital design is the wonder of the world. But the world still hasn’t bothered to stop and wonder about web workers, the designers, developers, project managers, information architects slash UX folk, content strategists, writers, editors, marketers, educators, and other professionals who make the web what it is.

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Just who are these people who make websites? What are their titles? What kind of education have they had? What skills do they possess and what skills do their employers imagine they possess? How do they stay current? How happy are they? How well are they paid? How mobile are they, creatively and economically?

That’s where you come in. You are the world’s foremost expert on the topic of you. Only you know how you do what you do, who you do it with, how well you do it, and how satisfying (or otherwise) you find it.

So share your knowledge, and together we will continue to create the first and only portrait of our profession as it is practiced around the world. Set aside ten or fifteen minutes and take the survey! We thank you.

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