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Editorially: Collaborative Writing, for Reals

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The ability to track changes, compare versions, and get feedback—all without the soul-crushing feature bloat and nasty web-unfriendly code of Microsoft Word? Dare an editor dream such a dream?

That’s what just-announced collaborative writing tool Editorially aims to do:

A Markdown-based writing environment lets you focus on the words and create clean markup easily; collaboration tools let you invite friends and trusted colleagues to review or edit your work; a document version system lets you mark points in a document’s history and compare versions to see what changed; notes and activity feeds encourage you to reflect on your work, for yourself and for others; and discussion threads recognize that the conversation around a text is just as important as the text itself.

And some of ALA’s crazy-smart friends and colleagues are behind it, too: Ethan Marcotte, Mandy Brown, and Jason Santa Maria.

After years of being forced to work in Word just to add comments to a draft—or to muddle my way through non-collaborative text editors—I cannot wait to try this out.

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