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Love Your CMS. (No, Really!)

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“Content management system.” The words are simple enough, but what exactly is a CMS? Is it a simple tool for editing a web page in a WYSIWYG box, or a robust system that keeps track of the historical versions of every sentence on the site? Is it a free piece of software you can install in an afternoon, or a massive purchase that involves contracts and licensing fees and schmoozy dinners with salespeople? Does it help you build a sleek responsive site, or does it thwart you at every turn?

Tragically, the answer is that a CMS is, and does, all of these things. CMSes help and hinder; they inspire rapture and incite table-flipping. I’m thrilled to moderate the next ALA: On Air event, where Karen McGrane, Jeff Eaton, and Ryan Irelan will join me to discuss what they love about working in CMSes (administrative UX!), what drives them to frustration (decoupling!), and what meaty problems (integration with design systems!) they hope to dive into next.

Event details

This event is free and everyone is welcome—just sign up to receive the viewing instructions. Here are the details:

Tuesday, August 25
1–2 p.m. EDT
via Google Hangout
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We’ll have 30 minutes of conversation between our panelists, and then open things up to questions from none other than YOU. We’ll also share the full video and transcript after the live show ends.

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