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Content-out Layout: the Resources

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The method I outlined in my recent article, “Content-out Layout,” is actually the culmination of quite a few different influences. If you’re interested in a deep dive, I have compiled this list of the most useful thinking on the web about ratios, grids, and fluid design. Enjoy!


Grids, as we know them, are having to adapt to a fluid canvas. It helps, first, to have a strong understanding of how grids are built, how they’ve traditionally been applied in design, and how they work into responsive design:

Philosophy of Fluid Layout

As we stop designing pages on the web, and start designing systems to be applied across myriad viewports, it helps to have the right mindset:

Ratios in Nature and Design

Ratios are nothing new in design. The underlying mathematics of natural phenomena have inspired architects, sculptors and humans in general for centuries:

Ratios in Web Design

Using ratios in web layouts has been explored before. I found these two very different posts inspirational in searching for a way to work with ratios in fluid design:

Working with a Scale

Typographers will find working with scales familiar. There is lots of great thinking, here, that can be adapted for layout:

On Harmony in Book Design

I didn’t get the space to touch on this much in my article, but even in a fluid environment, it is ideal to think about the relationship of your content area and the viewport. Book designers have been exploring this idea since the 16th century:

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