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2015 Summer Reading Issue

Summer is halfway over. Have you hid out for a day of reading yet? Grab a shady spot and a picnic blanket (or just park it in front of the nearest AC unit), turn off your notifications, and unwrap this tasty treat: our 2015 summer reader.

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Refresh your mind, heart, and spirit with this curated list of articles, videos, and other goodies from the recent past—from A List Apart and across the web.

Which web do we want?#section1

Is the web “a place to connect knowledge, people, and cats,” or do “hordes threaten all that we have built for one another”? Where will native-versus-web fights end up? And why are we all here, doing this work, anyhow?

From us#section2

From elsewhere#section3

Toward an inclusive industry#section4

This web is what we make of it. We can use it to insult strangers in a comments field, or to fight for greater fairness and opportunity in our world. We are inspired by those who choose the path of inclusion:

From us#section5

From elsewhere#section6

Trying out new techniques#section7

Today’s code is so complex no individual can master it all—but that also means there’s always something new to learn…like these new, niche, or just plain cool techniques.

From us#section8

Speeding up#section9

Big, lumbering websites, endless load times, and crappy experiences on mobile? No, thanks! Here’s to those in the trenches of performance, fighting the good fight.

From us#section10

From elsewhere#section11

Accessibility for everyone#section12

“The power of the Web is in its universality,” Tim Berners-Lee once said—and that means working for all kinds of people, with all kinds of abilities. Let’s stop leaving accessibility for last, and instead start from a place that embraces the needs of all our users.

From us#section13

From elsewhere#section14

Working better, together#section15

What comes after static comps and toss-it-over-the-wall processes? We’re still figuring that out—but one thing’s for sure: people are at the center.

From us#section16

From elsewhere#section17

Becoming mentors#section18

The more we teach, the more we learn—and the more our industry benefits. Discover the joys of mentoring and the future of web education.

From us#section19

From elsewhere#section20

Getting content right#section21

In the beginning was content—and it’s the core of every experience we design and build. Connect the right person to the right content at the right time using strategy, design, and writing.

From us#section22

From elsewhere#section23

The evolution of type#section24

If not yet ubiquitous, sophisticated typography on the web is now at least possible. It continues to evolve apace—virtually anything we could do in print, we can now do on screens.

From us#section25

From elsewhere#section26

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  1. @Dee Abson: We omitted our customary Readlist version this year because of those parsing errors (most egregious of which was the replacement of article titles with raw URLs). But thanks for creating one for those who wish to carry the issue with them to the beach. 🙂

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    thanks for this list, i m just getting in web development and programming, but I see some good resources I can use to further my education..Cheers!

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