The Survey, 2009

A note from the editors: The ALA web design survey of 2009 is now closed. Thanks to all who took time to answer the questions it posed. Our findings have been published. Enjoy.
The Survey, 2009

Whether you call yourself a user experience consultant, web developer, or content strategist; whether you design customer flows, buttons, or brands; no matter what title you hold as a full- or part-time web professional, your work shapes our future and ought to command the world’s respect. But we won’t win that respect without understanding, and we can’t hope for understanding without data and the knowledge it reluctantly yields to the patient hand and steady eye.

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It’s to help the world understand who we are and what we do that, each year since 2007, we’ve asked you, the members of the web design community, a few dozen questions about your professional life, and compared your answers to those of your colleagues. Each time we’ve asked, over 30,000 of you have kindly obliged with details about your salary, location, background, and more. The data that you provide and we analyze is the only significant information about our profession as a profession to be published anywhere, by anyone. That makes it important. That makes you and your answers very important indeed.

And so, good citizens of the web, once again we ask you to take a few minutes to tell us about your professional skills, educational background, career prospects, job benefits, and more. The job you save could be your own.

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17 Reader Comments

  1. hi there,

    looks like as if the survey hasn’t been set up (properly)?
    At least the text on that URL tells us:

    “The web design survey will soon be open!”

    cu, w0lf.

  2. I’m a bit disappointed that the survey isn’t available, even though the article indicates that it is. I wish there were at least an e-mail sign-up so that I can receive an alert when the survey IS ready to go. Hopefully, ALA will post a follow-up article [hint :)] when it’s ready, so at least the update will hit my feed reader.

  3. Despite our successful tests, the survey failed to auto-activate, so I manually opened it up this morning. My apologies for the initial confusion!

  4. Makes us have to go back and forth between steps when EU member states are not in the Europe region (see Cyprus).

  5. Hello;

    Presumably, adding Middle East region in survey will lead more accurate data processing in future. As I’m in Dubai, selecting Asia isn’t (at least, I think) very accurate.

  6. Thanks for the survey. Just took it.
    Regarding countries and regions you should ad middle east as most middle eastern countries don’t consider them selves as being Asian..

  7. Just took the survey but how do I see the result? It’ll nice if there’s an optional email field so we get notified when the result is available.

  8. Hi,
    I totally Agree with Forex that most middle eastern countries don’t consider them selves as being Asian..

  9. I think the majority of the results will show Indian/Chinese people just because nearly half of the whole world consists of them 😛

    And yes i also believe most middle-eastern countries would like to see another option in the survey that includes them 🙂

  10. …it is nice that you guys conducted this survey. not everyone would have a heart on this one. if there would be some technical problems, i am sure no one wanted that to happen. let’s just be thankful that one is willing to know and share truths about things.

  11. letting someone take a survey is indeed a very great thing to do in order to get some of the truths that are kept hidden. if we want to know the reality, we should be able to have the heart to seek for what is missing.

  12. I (fortunately) have multiple jobs, one of which is web design. While some questions of the survey ask specifically for the web design part of my life, others don’t, and to me it has not always been clear how to answer, so I had to guess (and other people will guess differently). Just a suggestion for 2011: If you ask for my income, make clear if you mean all the money I earn or just the money from the web design part. Also, I am an employee (not web design) and a freelancer for web design – some questions are simply hard to answer then, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

  13. A lot of web developers are Indian, sure. But remember that not many people (relative the the sheer amount of people who could be considered “web developers”) even go to websites like these at all; as the majority of those who do are interested more in learning and expanding their skills rather then hammering out html/css/js/php/cf/whatever. Basically, what I’m saying is that the people taking this survey is going to be a reflection of the amount of developers who are “aware” – not just the amount of developers that “exist”.

    It’s similar to the fact that the developers who would benefit the most from are the developers who would never go there in the first place as they consider their job a 9 to 5 hackfest instead of a skill that is gradually expanded on.

  14. I love the idea of the survey. What a simple way to acquire a vast amount of simple information and use it to make a hypothesis of the make up of the web world. No survey is perfect, but I might recommend making this one just a bit shorter, or maybe I am just lazy. 😉

  15. It looks like the survey is pretty comprehensive, albeit a few people had issues with it not being specific enough. Are there any updates as to when the results will be ready and how they will be made available? Looking forward to reviewing your findings. Thanks!

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