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A Couple of Small Updates: Inline Comment Editing & Logging Out

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Hi folks! We’ve pushed out a couple of small updates to the site.

First, we’ve added a small panel underneath the comment form that tells you who you’re logged in as and gives you the option to log out (imagine that).

screenshot of the new comment form with logged in user info

Second, you can now edit your comments (in-place even).

We’re using a customized version of the edit-in-place script that comes with ExpressionEngine. Why customize it? For a couple of relatively minor reasons. The original script assumes that it will be showing up directly in the HTML page, and we like to keep our functions all together in external files. We also wanted a little more control over the way the edit form was revealed and hidden again.

Next step? Adding an “edit” link to that new user panel is the obvious choice, I think. We’ll get cracking on it.

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