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We keep busy here at A List Apart: publishing articles, columns, and blog posts; sharing our forays into open source; and coming up with features like email notifications for new content.

Something was still missing, though.

We’ve always prided ourselves more on our focus on the designer and developer community than on our technical acumen. Anyone can help make a better website, but we consider it a unique privilege—and responsibility—to be able to help developers become better developers. So, we’re trying something brand new: community-focused events where our readers can get to know A List Apart’s authors and staff.

Our goal is to bring the feel of a local web development meetup to the web. We want to combine the best and brightest voices from ALA’s past with new voices and new perspectives on designing and building for the web. We want to discuss the events of the day—or hour. We want Q&A sessions where you ask us the tough questions; we want to know what questions don’t yet have answers, so we can figure them out with you.

If this piques your interest, well, I have some good news: we’re kicking things off right away. We’ve assembled some of the best minds in web performance to talk about every facet of building smaller, faster websites—from getting buy-in at every level of your organization to the steps we can incorporate into our day-to-day work.

Designing for Performance: Can We Have it All?

Thursday, February 26, 2015
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EST

Building a faster, leaner web means contending with a number of challenges, not all of which are strictly technical. “But,” your CEO argues, “our massive, high-resolution images are worth the wait.” How do we manage those kinds of expectations? How do we get our teams—and our bosses—as excited about building performant websites as we are? Most important, though: where do we get started, and how?

Our panelists are here to answer all these questions for you, and then some. Get the details and register now.

Lara Hogan

Lara Hogan champions performance as a part of the overall user experience, and is the author of Designing for Performance (O’Reilly, 2014). She believes in striking a balance between aesthetics and speed, and in building performance into company culture. Lara speaks and tweets, and is currently senior engineering manager of performance at Etsy.

Scott Jehl

Scott Jehl releases projects on GitHub that focus on accessible, sustainable, and performance-oriented practices for cross-device development. He speaks at conferences around the world and recently authored Responsible Responsive Design (A Book Apart, 2014). Scott is a web designer and developer at Filament Group; his clients include the Boston Globe, LEGO, Global News, and eBay. He tweets early and often.

Yesenia Perez-Cruz

Yesenia Perez-Cruz is a Philadelphia-based designer working at Intuitive Company. She is also a speaker at international conferences, in demand for talks specializing in balancing performance with design, cross-team collaboration, and how to be flexible with your design process. She honed her design and user experience skills while working at Happy Cog for clients like Zappos, MTV, and Jose Garces. She also acts as an acquisitions scout for A List Apart.

And as your humble moderator, I’ll be doing my best to stay out of their way.

More events are in development, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated. We’re looking forward to talking with all of you.

4 Reader Comments

  1. This sounds pretty awesome!

    For those of us who may not be able to participate live, will information be available after the event(s)? Recordings and notes and such?

  2. Hi Jason! Yes, we will make the recording available over on the main events page. Since this is our very first event, we expect we might have a few kinks to work out, but we’ll announce it when it’s up! (If you sign up for event notifications, we’ll even email you about it.)

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