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How many people are missing out on JavaScript enhancement?

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If nerdery in pursuit of data is no sin, then no sinner is Pete Herlihy of UK Government Digital Service. Pete and his team set out to discover how many people were experiencing UK government web services without the enhancement of JavaScript. The answer was 1.1%. Finding that answer took some fascinating, and unexpectedly complex, hoop jumping. Figuring out what it all meant proved even tougher. But not for you—because Herlihy explains it all in this brief and geekily delicious bulletin: How many people are missing out on JavaScript enhancement?

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  1. To be honest I admire the creative mind that came up with the noscript image solution! I thought that it could be detected accurately by Google Analytics and others … seems like it’s hard than that.

    The question is, does it worth the effort to support those 1.1%? We shouldn’t stretch hardly on ourselves for a percentage like that 🙂

    Man I wish I could see a percentage like that for IE < 9 collectively 🙁

  2. Depends on what you mean by support. For they have to support as many people as possible because they are providing services to citizens. All 100% percent are important. For commercial enterprises maybe you could ask does that 1.1% make enough money for you (the answer is probably yes). One in a hundred is a lot of people.

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