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Responsive Web Design Easter Egg

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Three years ago in these pages, ALA technical editor Ethan Marcotte fired the shot heard ’round the web. ALA designer Mike Pick thought it might be fun to celebrate the third anniversary of “Responsive Web Design” (A List Apart Issue No. 306, May 25, 2010) by secreting an Easter Egg in the original article; our illustrator, Kevin Cornell, rose to the challenge.

To see it in action, visit, grab the edge of the browser window (device permitting), and perform the responsive resize mambo. (ALA’s Tim Murtaugh, who coded the Easter Egg, has provided a handy video demo of what you’ll see.)

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  1. Ha! Nice! I’ve often thought of that gesture as either “beeping” or “marcotting” but “Responsive Resize Mambo” works, too.

  2. This is not a typical responsive case because it is implemented by javascript but not css media query.

    Perhaps I can guess why @Tim Murtaugh did so. Because there are 4 JPGs totally costs 351KB and media query can not download only one that required. It’s a disaster for mobile performance. Am I right?

  3. Truly nice, but an “easter egg” should not be… secret? Someone else would have to find out, not you 😉

  4. That’s awesome. I’m gonna be up late again tonight coding some Easter eggs of my own into my new portfolio site. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is so awesome! We do responsive clients for every one of our designs as you can see in our portfolio at but I had never thought about having the images change with every section! That’s awesome. Would you mind sharing the code that makes that possible?

  6. Really nice concept with the alternating images! My web design agency in Leeds, UK are working on a couple of responsive Drupal websites with an illustrator and doing something similar – totally different art style. Much more graceful than these jQuery parallax scrolling sites that are trending all over the place.

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