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Coming June 16: Pattern Language

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The web hasn’t merely moved beyond the desktop in recent years; the web has vaulted right over the desktop. It’s not just about phones, laptops, tablets, or [deep breath] phablets anymore: our sites and services can appear on anything from smart watches to handheld gaming consoles, on living room televisions or cars on the highway. How can we possibly keep up?

Well, responsive web design can absolutely help with some of these challenges—but it’s not enough by itself. Flexible layouts and media queries are great, but we also need to move beyond “pages.” Instead of building abstract grid systems of columns and rows, we need to embrace patterns: small components that can adapt independently of any interface, and that we can stitch together to create more complex responsive layouts.

If you’re incorporating more pattern-driven design into your work, join us for our next ALA: On Air event on Tuesday, June 16. Our panelists will take a look at responsive patterns, share what they’ve learned, and discuss what’s next.

Event details

This event is free and everyone is welcome (though you’ll need to register to participate in the Q&A). Here are the details:

Tuesday, June 16
1–2 p.m. EDT
via Google Hangout
Register or get more details

We’ll have 30 minutes of conversation between our panelists, and then open things up to questions from attendees. Like we did with our last event (“Sass Talk”) we’ll share the video the following afternoon, and will publish the full transcript a few days after that.

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The panelists

We’ve rounded up some stellar panelists:

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