Mr. Roboto: Connecting with Technology

Behavior change design creates entrancing and effective products. In this excerpt from Chapter 9 of Engaged, Amy Bucher shares insights into using personalization to create meaningful user experiences.

Design Like a Teacher

A difficult user migration project led Aimee Gonzalez-Cameron to reevaluate how she approaches her work. She started to see herself not just as an expert on user experience, but as a teacher, a realization that transformed her work. She reflects on how developing a teaching mindset can improve any UX project.

The King vs. Pawn Game of UI Design

If you want to improve your UI design skills, try looking at chess. Sounds contrived, maybe, but in Erik Kennedy’s hands, it’s sublime. Marvel and learn as he uses a concept from chess to build a toolkit of UI design strategies covering color, typography, lighting and shadows, and more.

Patterns and Purpose, an Excerpt from Animation at Work

Animations into our users’ visual systems and give them a cognitive speed boost. But which elements of our design benefit most from this new tool? In this excerpt from Rachel Nabors’s new book, Animation at Work, you’ll discover some core animation patterns, and learn how animation applies to a greater design system.

Integrating Animation into a Design System

Like color and typography, a cohesive animation system can help express a product’s personality and make the interface feel connected and whole. To achieve that, animation should be established holistically, almost as a system in its own right. Alla Kholmatova shares a way to approach interface animations in a systematic way.

Fait Accompli: Agentive Tech Is Here

Artificial Intelligence is an extremely hot topic. The process in which everyday devices become more aware of our needs and “learn” to adapt to those needs will play a big part in the future of user experience. In this excerpt from Designing Agentive Technology, AI That Works for People Chris Noessel, examines agentive technology and how it works in behalf of the user.

Big Data Visualization with Meaning

Good data visualizations bring new meaning to “great UX.” They deliver something real, accessible, and human. And our designs can help users customize that experience. The web is a natural medium for truly interactive data, as author Byron Houwens explains.

Designing Interface Animation

“How your brand moves tells its story.” In this excerpt from her new book, Designing Interface Animation: Meaningful Motion for User Experience, author Val Head focuses on how motion can help bring a brand to life and make it memorable.

Designing Interface Animation: an Interview with Val Head

Animation has come a long way over the course of the web’s still-young history. For years, designers felt the need to take sides. Should we build hypnotic sites in Flash? Or should we stick to static, standards-compliant sites built with HTML and CSS? Author Val Head never wanted to choose. Her new book, Designing Interface Animation, celebrates how animation is finally coming into its own, and shows us what we can do with it. In this wide-ranging interview, she tells us why she loves animation so much.