Alla Kholmatova

Alla Kholmatova is an interaction designer at FutureLearn, an open online education platform. She is fascinated by interfaces, but even more so, by the people on both sides—designers and users—and she's always looking for ways to reduce the gap between them.

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Integrating Animation into a Design System

Like color and typography, a cohesive animation system can help express a product’s personality and make the interface feel connected and whole. To achieve that, animation should be established holistically, almost as a system in its own right. Alla Kholmatova shares a way to approach interface animations in a systematic way.

The Language of Modular Design

Goodbye, pages; hello, systems! When we break things down into atomic units, design elements become more scalable and replaceable, easier to test, and quicker to assemble. Alla Kholmatova emphasizes that a shared vocabulary should be the jumping-off point for teams who want to adopt a modular design approach. Let’s start with language, not interfaces.

Collaborative User Testing: Less Bias, Better Research

We all want user research that provides reliable guidance for our teams. But bias is tricky—it’s often introduced unknowingly. How can we be sure that the results of guerrilla user research sessions are as impartial as possible? Alla Kholmatova has the answer: getting more collaborative in how we plan, lead, evaluate, and analyze our user research.